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function configuration_set_hash in Configuration Management 7

Update the hash of a configuration


$component The name of the component:

$name The name of the configuration.:

$hash The hash of the configuration:

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User roles are unique in that the name of the config and the name of the role are the same. If you change the name of the role, you are effectively creating a new configuration item. For that reason, we have to check to see what roles are no longer…
configuration_update_component_status in ./configuration.module
Updates the status of a component after it was updated.


./configuration.module, line 730
Module file for the configuration module, which enables the capture and management of configuration in Drupal.


function configuration_set_hash($component, $name, $hash) {

  // dsm("Set $name to $status");
  // dsm(debug_backtrace(DEBUG_BACKTRACE_IGNORE_ARGS));
    'hash' => $hash,
    ->condition('name', $name)
    ->condition('owner', $component)