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function configuration_load_module_configurations in Configuration Management 6

Load all the module files

1 call to configuration_load_module_configurations()
configuration_load_includes in ./configuration.module
Load all include files including the module configuration component files supplied by the configuration framework


./configuration.module, line 2119
Provide a unified method for defining site configurations abstracted from their data format. Various data formats should be supported via a plugin architecture such as XML, YAML, JSON, PHP


function configuration_load_module_configurations() {
  static $loaded = false;
  if ($loaded) {
  foreach (file_scan_directory(drupal_get_path('module', 'configuration') . '/modules', '.\\.inc') as $file) {

    // Only load module files for modules that exist and do not setup their own configuration hooks
    if (module_exists($file->name) && !module_hook($file->name, 'configuration_map')) {
      include_once $file->filename;
  $loaded = true;