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function configuration_find_attributes in Configuration Management 6

Helper function to convert tags to attributes

1 string reference to 'configuration_find_attributes'
configuration_default_map in ./configuration.module
The default configuration map that is applied to all configuration context objects. For the time being all it does is make it easier to visualize the incoming configuration data and set up the module list.


./configuration.module, line 1950
Provide a unified method for defining site configurations abstracted from their data format. Various data formats should be supported via a plugin architecture such as XML, YAML, JSON, PHP


function configuration_find_attributes($value, &$context) {
  for ($i = 0; isset($context->children[$i]); $i++) {
    if ($context->children[$i]->key[0] == CONFIGURATION_ATTRIBUTE_KEY && is_scalar($context->children[$i]->item)) {
      configuration_context_process_property('#attribute', true, $context->children[$i]);