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9 uses of CONFIGURATION_ACTIVESTORE_OVERRIDDEN in Configuration Management 7

ConfigurationActiveStoreOverriddenTest::testOverridden in tests/configuration.test
Tests that configurations get marked as overriden.
ConfigurationCtoolsWebTestCase::testViewsOverridden in tests/configuration.ctools.test
Tests that views configurations that are marked as overriden are reverted properly.
configuration_build_configuration_status in ./configuration.module
configuration_check_menu_custom in includes/
configuration_delete_multiple in ./configuration.module
Delete a specific configuration from being tracked.
configuration_init in ./configuration.module
Implements hook_init().
configuration_tracking_form in ./
Menu Callback Form.
configuration_update_component_status in ./configuration.module
Updates the status of a component after it was updated.
_configuration_get_status_link in ./
Return the status name as string based on the status of passed in.