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protected static function ScssNumber::getUnitOptions in SCSS Compiler 1.0.x

Get an associative array of unit options for the supplied element.

The supplied element's "#unit_options" property will determine the result of this method using the following algorithm:

1. If "#unit_options" is an array, it will be intersected with an internal list of allowed unit options. 2. Else, if "#unit_options" is a string, the desired unit will be extracted from an internal list of allowed unit options. 3. Else, if "#unit_options" is equivalent to TRUE, all allowed unit options will be produced. 4. Else, no unit options will be produced.


array $element: The element for which to get an associative array of unit options.

Return value

\Drupal\Core\StringTranslation\TranslatableMarkup[string] An associative array of unit option labels keyed by unit name.

1 call to ScssNumber::getUnitOptions()
ScssNumber::processNumber in src/Element/ScssNumber.php
Process the element before it gets rendered in the form.


src/Element/ScssNumber.php, line 230


A form element to represent Sass numbers with a unit.




protected static function getUnitOptions(array $element) {
  $allowed = self::getAllowedUnits();
  $desired = $element['#unit_options'];
  $result = [];

  // Check whether a subset of the allowed units is desired.
  if (is_array($desired)) {
    $result = array_intersect_key($allowed, array_flip($desired));
  elseif (is_string($desired) && array_key_exists($desired, $allowed)) {
    $result = array_intersect_key($allowed, array_flip([
  elseif (is_int($desired)) {
    $result = self::getAllowedUnits($desired);
  return $result;