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function commerce_file_license_state_get_title in Commerce File 7

Returns the human readable title of any or all states.


$name: Optional parameter specifying the name of the state whose title should be return.

Return value

Either an array of all state titles keyed by name or a string containing the human readable title for the specified state. If a state is specified that does not exist, this function returns FALSE.

1 call to commerce_file_license_state_get_title()
commerce_file_license_state_options_list in includes/
Wraps commerce_file_license_state_get_title() for use by the Entity module.


includes/, line 424
Handles file licenses and file license logs


function commerce_file_license_state_get_title($name = NULL) {
  $states = commerce_file_license_states();

  // Return a state title if specified and it exists.
  if (!empty($name)) {
    if (isset($states[$name])) {
      return $states[$name]['title'];
    else {

      // Return FALSE if it does not exist.
      return FALSE;

  // Otherwise turn the array values into the status title only.
  foreach ($states as $key => $value) {
    $states[$key] = $value['title'];
  return $states;