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function commerce_file_license_order_update_status in Commerce File 7

Update the status of licenses for files in an order

2 calls to commerce_file_license_order_update_status()
commerce_file_rules_action_order_update_status in ./
Rules action: Update state of all licenses associated with the order
commerce_file_rules_action_revoke_order_licenses in ./
Rules action: Revoke file licenses' limits for order owner based on a line item


includes/, line 1116
Handles file licenses and file license logs


function commerce_file_license_order_update_status($order, $updated_status = 'pending') {
  $line_items = field_get_items('commerce_order', $order, 'commerce_line_items');
  if (empty($line_items)) {

  // revoke line items for the order
  foreach ($line_items as $delta => $field_item) {

    // try to avoid any locking issues
    try {
      $line_item = commerce_line_item_load($field_item['line_item_id']);
      if (!empty($line_item)) {
        commerce_file_license_line_item_update_status($line_item, $order, $updated_status);
    } catch (Exception $e) {