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function commerce_file_license_admin_access in Commerce File 7

Returns TRUE if user has admin access to licenses

3 calls to commerce_file_license_admin_access()
commerce_file_file_download in ./commerce_file.module
Implements hook_file_download().
commerce_file_license_issue_by_host_form in includes/
Returns the base form array for issuing licenses on a host entity
_commerce_file_field_view_access_license in ./commerce_file.module
Returns TRUE if user has view access to commerce_file fields on a license instance


includes/, line 807
Handles file licenses and file license logs


function commerce_file_license_admin_access($op = 'view', $account = NULL) {
  $entity_null = NULL;
  return commerce_file_license_access($op, $entity_null, $account);