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function _cms_content_sync_add_save_push_action in CMS Content Sync 2.0.x

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 8 cms_content_sync.module \_cms_content_sync_add_save_push_action()
  2. 2.1.x cms_content_sync.module \_cms_content_sync_add_save_push_action()

Add "Save and push" action.






1 call to _cms_content_sync_add_save_push_action()
cms_content_sync_form_alter in ./cms_content_sync.module
1) Make sure the user is informed that content will not only be deleted on this * instance but also on all connected instances if configured that way.


./cms_content_sync.module, line 539
Module file for cms_content_sync.


function _cms_content_sync_add_save_push_action(&$form, $form_state, $flow_id, $entity) {
    'flow_id' => $flow_id,
  $form['actions']['save_push'] = $form['actions']['submit'];
  $form['actions']['save_push']['#value'] = t('Save and push');
  array_push($form['actions']['save_push']['#submit'], '_cms_content_sync_add_save_push_action_submit');