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function _cms_content_sync_add_form_group in CMS Content Sync 8

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 2.1.x cms_content_sync.module \_cms_content_sync_add_form_group()
  2. 2.0.x cms_content_sync.module \_cms_content_sync_add_form_group()

Display the push group either to select pools or to display the usage on other sites. You can use $form['cms_content_sync_group'] afterwards to access it.


array $form: The form array.

3 calls to _cms_content_sync_add_form_group()
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./cms_content_sync.module, line 631
Module file for cms_content_sync.


function _cms_content_sync_add_form_group(&$form) {
  if (isset($form['cms_content_sync_group'])) {

  // Try to show the group right above the status checkbox if it exists.
  if (isset($form['status'])) {
    $weight = $form['status']['#weight'] - 1;
  else {
    $weight = 99;
  $form['cms_content_sync_group'] = [
    '#type' => 'details',
    '#open' => FALSE,
    '#title' => _cms_content_sync_get_repository_name(),
    '#weight' => $weight,

  // If we got a advanced group we use it.
  if (isset($form['advanced'])) {
    $form['cms_content_sync_group']['#type'] = 'details';
    $form['cms_content_sync_group']['#group'] = 'advanced';