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function xmlsitemap_sitemap_uri in XML sitemap 2.x

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 8 xmlsitemap.module \xmlsitemap_sitemap_uri()
  2. 6.2 xmlsitemap.module \xmlsitemap_sitemap_uri()
  3. 7.2 xmlsitemap.module \xmlsitemap_sitemap_uri()

Returns the uri elements of an XML sitemap.


\Drupal\xmlsitemap\XmlSitemapInterface $sitemap: The sitemap represented by and XmlSitemapInterface object.

Return value

array An array containing the 'path' and 'options' keys used to build the uri of the XML sitemap, and matching the signature of url().

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./xmlsitemap.module, line 460
xmlsitemap XML sitemap


function xmlsitemap_sitemap_uri(XmlSitemapInterface $sitemap) {
  $uri['path'] = 'sitemap.xml';
  $uri['options'] = \Drupal::moduleHandler()
    ->invokeAll('xmlsitemap_context_url_options', [
  $context = $sitemap->context;
    ->alter('xmlsitemap_context_url_options', $uri['options'], $context);
  $uri['options'] += [
    'absolute' => TRUE,
    'base_url' => Settings::get('xmlsitemap_base_url', \Drupal::state()
  return $uri;