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function _xmlsitemap_get_blurb in XML sitemap 7.2

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 8 xmlsitemap.module \_xmlsitemap_get_blurb()
  2. 6.2 \_xmlsitemap_get_blurb()
  3. 2.x xmlsitemap.module \_xmlsitemap_get_blurb()

Fetch a short blurb string about module maintainership and sponsors.

This message will be FALSE in 'official' releases.

1 call to _xmlsitemap_get_blurb()
xmlsitemap_help in ./xmlsitemap.module
Implements hook_help().


./, line 15
Miscellaneous functions for the xmlsitemap module.


function _xmlsitemap_get_blurb($check_version = TRUE) {
  static $blurb;
  if (!isset($blurb)) {
    $blurb = FALSE;
    if (!$check_version || ($version = _xmlsitemap_get_version()) && preg_match('/dev|unstable|alpha|beta|HEAD/i', $version)) {
      $sponsors = array(
        l(t('Symantec'), ''),
        l(t('WebWise Solutions'), ''),
        l(t('Volacci'), ''),
        l(t('lanetro'), ''),
        l(t('Coupons Dealuxe'), ''),

      // Don't extract the following string for translation.
      $blurb = '<div class="description"><p>Thank you for helping test the XML sitemap module rewrite. Please consider helping offset developer free time by <a href="">donating</a> or if your company is interested in sponsoring the rewrite or a specific feature, please <a href="">contact the developer</a>. Thank you to the following current sponsors: ' . implode(', ', $sponsors) . ', and all the individuals that have donated. This message will not be seen in the stable versions.</p></div>';

  return $blurb;