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Functions in Views navigation 7

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Namesort descending Location Description Direct uses Strings
hook_views_navigation_navigation_links_alter ./views_navigation.api.php Alter Views navigation links.
hook_views_navigation_query_string_alter ./views_navigation.api.php Alter the Views navigation query string (GET parameters).
hook_views_navigation_stored_query_alter ./views_navigation.api.php Alter the query and the related view stored by Views navigation.
views_navigation_block_info ./views_navigation.module Implements hook_block_info().
views_navigation_block_view ./views_navigation.module Implements hook_block_view().
views_navigation_disable ./views_navigation.install Implements hook_disable().
views_navigation_flush_caches ./views_navigation.module Implements hook_flush_caches().
views_navigation_get_cached_query ./ Get a view query from cache. 4
views_navigation_get_cached_result ./ Get a view result from cache. 1
views_navigation_get_links ./ Build and render the previous/next links for the entity being viewed. 2
views_navigation_get_query_cid ./ Get the unique cid corresponding to a view query. 1
views_navigation_get_result ./ Get the result of a query, as an array of etids keyed by position. 1
views_navigation_menu ./views_navigation.module Implements hook_menu().
views_navigation_node_view ./views_navigation.module Implements hook_node_view().
views_navigation_router ./ Redirect to the next or previous entity. 1
views_navigation_schema ./views_navigation.install Implements hook_schema().
views_navigation_store_query ./ Store a view query in cache. 1
views_navigation_update_7101 ./views_navigation.install Add a cache table.
views_navigation_views_api ./views_navigation.module Implements hook_views_api().
views_navigation_views_data_alter ./views_navigation.module Implements hook_views_data_alter().
views_navigation_views_plugins ./views_navigation.module Implements hook_views_plugins().
views_navigation_views_plugins_alter ./views_navigation.module Implements hook_views_plugins_alter().
views_navigation_views_pre_render ./views_navigation.module Implements hook_views_pre_render().
_views_navigation_build_query ./ Add the query parameters to append to the entity url. 3
_views_navigation_build_url ./ Used when the view handler needs an already built url. 4
_views_navigation_get_data ./ Helper function to get the data. 2
_views_navigation_get_entity_type ./ Function to get the entity type. 6
_views_navigation_get_id_key ./ Function to get the id of the entity key. 5
_views_navigation_get_query_plugin ./ Function for getting the query plugin type. 4
_views_navigation_query_is_supported ./ Function for check views navigation query is supported. 2
_views_navigation_render_entity_link ./ Based on EntityFieldHandlerHelper::render_entity_link(). 3
_views_navigation_replace_href_in_html ./ Helper function to replace the links in HTML. 3

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