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function _taxonomy_manager_tree_term_valid in Taxonomy Manager 6.2

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  1. 5 taxonomy_manager.module \_taxonomy_manager_tree_term_valid()
  2. 6 taxonomy_manager.module \_taxonomy_manager_tree_term_valid()
  3. 7 taxonomy_manager.module \_taxonomy_manager_tree_term_valid()

checks if term id belongs to vocabulary


$tid term id:

$vid voc id:

Return value

true, if term belongs to voc, else false

1 call to _taxonomy_manager_tree_term_valid()
taxonomy_manager_tree_validate in ./taxonomy_manager.module
validates submitted form values checks if selected terms really belong to initial voc, if not --> form_set_error


./taxonomy_manager.module, line 958
Taxonomy Manager


function _taxonomy_manager_tree_term_valid($tid, $vid) {
  $term = taxonomy_get_term($tid);
  if ($term->vid != $vid) {
    return FALSE;
  return TRUE;