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8 calls to _support_states() in Support Ticketing System 7

support_form_alter in ./support.module
Customize comment form for ticket followups.
support_mailcmd_support_fetch_message_alter in support_mailcmd/support_mailcmd.module
Implementation of hook_support_fetch_message_alter().
support_menu in ./support.module
Implementation of hook_menu().
support_overview_summary in support_overview/support_overview.module
Display support ticket overview, highlighting ticket queues with tickets older than a configurable age limit.
support_overview_summary_settings in support_overview/support_overview.module
Configure what to display on the summary page.
support_page_form in ./support.module
Display tickets
support_pm_menu in support_pm/support_pm.module
Implements hook_menu(). TODO: Include date in 'view' and 'edit' tabs
_support_status_form_attach in ./support.module
Generate form for adding update to ticket. Enhances comment_form adding a ticket status bar.