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API.txt API.txt Spaces 3.x API -------------- The following is an overview of using the Spaces API. Basic usage & concepts ---------------------- This section is for developers who are using Spaces simply in the context of site building and don't plan to…
README.txt README.txt Spaces 3.x ---------- Spaces is an API module intended to make configuration options generally avaliable only at the sitewide level to be configurable and overridden by individual "spaces" on a Drupal site. It has been described as: - A way…
README.txt spaces_customtext/README.txt Spaces Custom Text ------------------ This module allows space administrators to customize a limited number of strings for a given space through the use of the global $conf locale_custom_text_[langcode] variable. It is heavily inspired by…
README.txt spaces_og/README.txt Spaces OG --------- Spaces integration of Organic Groups. Offers simplified Organic Groups privacy presets and overrides on a per group level. Installation ------------ - Install module and its dependencies. - Go to admin/build/spaces and pick the…
README.txt spaces_dashboard/README.txt Spaces Dashboard 3.x -------------------- The Spaces Dashboard module provides a "Dashboard" feature that can be used in space type. The "Dashboard" is intended to be a page, or set of pages, where space administrator have the… plugins/
spaces.api.php spaces.api.php Hooks provided by Spaces.
spaces.css spaces.css table.spaces tr.inherited, table.spaces tr.disabled { color:#999; } table.spaces td.value, table.spaces td.label { width:75%; } table.spaces td.option, table.spaces { width:10%; } table.spaces td.action-label, table.spaces… core = "6.x" dependencies[] = "ctools" dependencies[] = "features" description = "Provides a customizable spaces layer on top of Drupal." name = "Spaces" package = "Spaces"
spaces.install spaces.install
spaces.module spaces.module
spaces.test tests/spaces.test includes/ plugins/ plugins/ spaces_customtext/plugins/ plugins/ spaces_customtext/
spaces_customtext.css spaces_customtext/spaces_customtext.css table.spaces-customtext { table-layout: fixed; } table.spaces-customtext td { width:50%; } table.spaces-customtext input.form-text { width:95%; } spaces_customtext/ core = "6.x" dependencies[] = "spaces" description = "Allows a space administrator to customize text used in that space." name = "Spaces Custom Text" package = "Spaces"
spaces_customtext.module spaces_customtext/spaces_customtext.module Spaces Custom Text.
spaces_dashboard.admin.css spaces_dashboard/spaces_dashboard.admin.css div#dashboard-form-links { float:left; width: 20%;} div#dashboard-form-links ul { margin: 0px; border-top:1px solid #ccc;} div#dashboard-form-links ul li { background: none; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;} div#dashboard-form-links ul li… spaces_dashboard/
spaces_dashboard.api.php spaces_dashboard/spaces_dashboard.api.php Hooks provided by Spaces Dashboard. spaces_dashboard/ spaces_dashboard/ spaces_dashboard/ core = "6.x" dependencies[] = "context" dependencies[] = "context_ui" dependencies[] = "ctools" dependencies[] = "features" dependencies[] = "jquery_ui" description = "A dashboard space…
spaces_dashboard.module spaces_dashboard/spaces_dashboard.module
spaces_dashboard.test spaces_dashboard/tests/spaces_dashboard.test includes/ includes/ includes/ includes/ spaces_og/ core = "6.x" dependencies[] = "og" dependencies[] = "og_access" dependencies[] = "og_views" dependencies[] = "spaces" dependencies[] = "purl" description = "Provides integration between…
spaces_og.module spaces_og/spaces_og.module spaces_og/
spaces_og.test spaces_og/tests/spaces_og.test spaces_og/views/ spaces_og/views/ spaces_og/views/ includes/ spaces_ui/export_ui/
spaces_presets_export_ui.class.php spaces_ui/export_ui/spaces_presets_export_ui.class.php spaces_taxonomy/ name = "Spaces Taxonomy" description = "Provides integration between Spaces and Taxonomy." package = "Spaces" core = "6.x" dependencies[] = purl dependencies[] = spaces dependencies[] = taxonomy
spaces_taxonomy.module spaces_taxonomy/spaces_taxonomy.module tests/ tests/ core = "6.x" dependencies[] = "features" dependencies[] = "features_test" dependencies[] = "strongarm" features[ctools][] = "strongarm:strongarm:1" features[variable][] =…


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