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class Field in Open Social 10.3.x

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 10.0.x modules/custom/social_graphql/src/Plugin/GraphQL/DataProducer/Field/Field.php \Drupal\social_graphql\Plugin\GraphQL\DataProducer\Field\Field
  2. 10.1.x modules/custom/social_graphql/src/Plugin/GraphQL/DataProducer/Field/Field.php \Drupal\social_graphql\Plugin\GraphQL\DataProducer\Field\Field
  3. 10.2.x modules/custom/social_graphql/src/Plugin/GraphQL/DataProducer/Field/Field.php \Drupal\social_graphql\Plugin\GraphQL\DataProducer\Field\Field

Produces a field instance from an entity.

Can be used instead of the property path when information about the field item must be queryable. The property_path resolver always returns an array which sometimes causes information loss.

Plugin annotation

  id = "field",
  name = @Translation("Field"),
  description = @Translation("Selects a field from an entity."),
  produces = @ContextDefinition("mixed",
    label = @Translation("Field")
  consumes = {
    "entity" = @ContextDefinition("entity",
      label = @Translation("Parent entity")
    "field" = @ContextDefinition("string",
      label = @Translation("Field name")


  • class \Drupal\social_graphql\Plugin\GraphQL\DataProducer\Field\Field extends \Drupal\graphql\Plugin\GraphQL\DataProducer\DataProducerPluginBase

Expanded class hierarchy of Field


modules/custom/social_graphql/src/Plugin/GraphQL/DataProducer/Field/Field.php, line 34


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class Field extends DataProducerPluginBase {

   * Finds the requested field on the entity.
   * @param \Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityInterface $entity
   *   The entity that contains the field.
   * @param string $field
   *   The name of the field to return.
   * @return \Drupal\Core\Field\FieldItemListInterface|null
   *   A field item list if the field exists or null if the entity is not
   *   fieldable or doesn't have the requested field.
  public function resolve(EntityInterface $entity, string $field) : ?FieldItemListInterface {
    if (!$entity instanceof FieldableEntityInterface || !$entity
      ->hasField($field)) {
      return NULL;
    $value = $entity

    // A FieldableEntityInterface::get will always return a
    // FieldItemListInterface which implements AccessibleInterface. Thus no
    // further typechecking is needed.
    return $value
      ->access('view') ? $value : NULL;



Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description Overrides
Field::resolve public function Finds the requested field on the entity.