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function sf_import_drush_help in Salesforce Suite 6.2

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 7.2 sf_import/ \sf_import_drush_help()

Implementation of hook_drush_help().


sf_import/, line 12
Drush integration for Salesforce Import module. Provides commands to import Salesforce data.


function sf_import_drush_help($section) {
  switch ($section) {
    case 'drush:sf-fieldmap':
      $output = dt("List available salesforce fieldmaps or shows information on a given fieldmap.\n\n");
      $output .= dt("Optional argument: Key of salesforce fieldmap");
      return $output;
    case 'drush:sf-import':
      $output = dt("Initiate a salesforce import.") . "\n\n";
      $output .= dt("Argument: Key of salesforce fieldmap");
      return $output;
    case 'drush:sf-get-updated':
      $output = dt("Get updated Salesforce records.") . "\n\n";