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15 calls to salesforce_api_salesforce_fieldmap_load_all() in Salesforce Suite 7.2

salesforce_api_admin_object in salesforce_api/
Ask Salesforce for a list of objects and display a checklist for the user. Based on user selection, set up or tear down cached/synched Salesforce data. @todo make this more user-friendly. At the moment it's possible for an admin user to blow…
salesforce_api_fieldmap_admin in salesforce_api/
Displays an admin table for fieldmaps.
salesforce_api_fieldmap_features_export_options in salesforce_api/
Implements hook_features_export_options().
salesforce_api_fieldmap_field_delete in salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module
Remove a field from all fieldmaps. This is particularly useful for implementations of hook_field_delete_instance. May be use to delete an occurrence in a single fieldmap (by supplying drupal_entity, drupal_bundle and/or salesforce_type), or…
salesforce_api_fieldmap_options in salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module
Returns an array of fieldmaps for use as options in the Forms API.
salesforce_api_update_6202 in salesforce_api/salesforce_api.install
Try to fix existing maps based on the new CCK support.
sf_entity_entity_load in sf_entity/sf_entity.module
Implements hook_entity_load().
sf_import_create in sf_import/
Page callback for admin/config/salesforce/import/create
sf_import_import_records in sf_import/sf_import.module
This function is called on cron run. It is responsible for calling functions to import records using the getUpdated() method or a custom SOQL query, depending on what the user selected in admin settings for sf_import.
sf_import_install in sf_import/sf_import.install
Implements hook_install().
sf_import_settings_form in sf_import/
Main import settings form for Salesforce Import module.
sf_notifications_settings_form in sf_notifications/
Salesforce Notifications settings
sf_queue_form_salesforce_api_settings_form_alter in sf_queue/sf_queue.module
Implements hook_form_salesforce_api_settings_form_alter().
_drush_sf_import_show_fieldmaps in sf_import/
Display available Salesforce field mappings
_sf_import_process_records in sf_import/sf_import.module
Processes items in the sf_import_queue table.