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CHANGELOG.txt CHANGELOG.txt # $Id Salesforce Suite 7.x-1.x-dev, xxxx-xx-xx ----------------------------------- by brianV: Fix coding standards errors and some minor migration issues in salesforce_api and sf_entity modules. Also add CHANGELOG.txt.
hooks.php hooks.php These are the hooks that are invoked by the Salesforce core.
README.txt README.txt SALESFORCE MODULE This module utilizes Salesforce's Enterprise SOAP client and generic WSDL functionality to allow you to work with custom fields without having to download your own WSDL file. It also includes an API architecture which allows…
README.txt salesforce_api/toolkit/README.txt This directory is where the PHP soapClient directory goes. From main README: 2) Download the salesforce PHP toolkit version 13: Place the "soapclient" directory withinin the…
README.txt salesforce_api/wsdl/README.txt This directory is where the WSDL goes. salesforce_api/ Defines the class used for communicating with the Salesforce server.
salesforce_api.admin.css salesforce_api/misc/salesforce_api.admin.css .source-cell label { display: none; } .fieldmap-extra-text label { display: inline; } salesforce_api/ Contains the admin page callbacks for the Salesforce module, including forms for general settings and fieldmap administration. salesforce_api/ Drush integration for Salesforce. Provides commands to examine and query Salesforce data. salesforce_api/ core = 7.x name = Salesforce API package = Salesforce description = Defines an API that enables modules to interact with the Salesforce server. configure = admin/config/salesforce files[] = salesforce_api.module files[] =…
salesforce_api.install salesforce_api/salesforce_api.install Installs any global tables needed for Salesforce integration.
salesforce_api.module salesforce_api/salesforce_api.module Defines an API that enables modules to interact with the Salesforce server. sf_entity/ core = 7.x name = Salesforce Entity package = Salesforce description = Implements Salesforce API to expose Drupal entities. configure = admin/config/salesforce/fieldmap files[] = sf_entity.module dependencies[] = salesforce_api dependencies[] = field
sf_entity.module sf_entity/sf_entity.module Integrates fieldable entities with the Salesforce API. sf_prematch/ Admin functions for sf_prematch module. sf_prematch/ name = Salesforce Match description = Extends Salesforce API module so it checks for an existing sf object to match a drupal object before creating a new one in sf. dependencies[] = salesforce_api package = Salesforce core = 6.x
sf_prematch.install sf_prematch/sf_prematch.install Installs tables needed for sf_prematch module. sf_prematch/ Import/Export functions for sf_prematch module.
sf_prematch.module sf_prematch/sf_prematch.module Extends Salesforce API module so checks for an existing match for an object before creating a new one.

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