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function relation_type_create in Relation 7

Creates a relation bundle.


$info: Array of relation type settings. All but relation_type are optional, although if the bundles arrays are empty, relations might be difficult to create! Keys are:

  • relation_type: Relation type machine name (string).
  • label: Relation type human-readable name (string). Defaults to duplicating relation_type.
  • directional: whether relation is directional (boolean). Defaults to FALSE.
  • transitive: whether relation is transitive (boolean). Defaults to FALSE.
  • r_unique: whether relations of this type are unique (boolean). Defaults to FALSE.
  • min_arity: minimum number of entities in relations of this type (int >= 2). Defaults to 2.
  • max_arity: maximum number of entities in relations of this type (int >= min_arity). Defaults to 2.
  • source_bundles: array containing allowed bundle keys. This is used for both directional and non-directional relations. Bundle key arrays are of the form 'entity:bundle', eg. 'node:article', or 'entity:*' for all bundles of the type.
  • target_bundles: array containing arrays allowed target bundle keys. This is the same format as source_bundles, but is only used for directional relations.

Return value

Relation type object, or FALSE if creation fails.

1 call to relation_type_create()
relation_type_save in ./relation.module
Saves a relation bundle.


./relation.module, line 218
Describes relations between entities.


function relation_type_create($info = array()) {
  $info = (array) $info;
  if (empty($info['relation_type'])) {
    return FALSE;
  $info += array(
    'min_arity' => 2,
    'max_arity' => 2,
    'directional' => FALSE,
    'transitive' => FALSE,
    'r_unique' => FALSE,
    'source_bundles' => array(),
    'target_bundles' => array(),
  if (empty($info['label'])) {
    $info['label'] = $info['relation_type'];
  if (empty($info['reverse_label'])) {

    // Directional relations should have a reverse label, but if they don't,
    // or if they are symmetric:
    $info['reverse_label'] = $info['label'];
  return (object) $info;