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function theme_quiz_single_question_feedback in Quiz 6.6

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 6.3 \theme_quiz_single_question_feedback()
  2. 6.5 \theme_quiz_single_question_feedback()

Theme feedback for one question.


$quiz: Quiz node (may not be needed).

$question_node: The question node giving feedback for.

$answer: User's response to previous question.

Return value

Themed html.

1 theme call to theme_quiz_single_question_feedback()
quiz_get_feedback in ./quiz.module
Get feedback for one question.


./, line 524
User pages.


function theme_quiz_single_question_feedback($quiz, $report) {
  $output = '<div class="quiz-summary-question">';
  $output .= theme($report->type . '_feedback', $quiz, $report);
  $output .= '</div><br class="clear" />';
  return $output;