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function smarty_core_write_file in Quiz 6.6

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 6.5 includes/moodle/lib/smarty/core/core.write_file.php \smarty_core_write_file()

write out a file to disk


string $filename:

string $contents:

boolean $create_dirs:

Return value


3 calls to smarty_core_write_file()
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smarty_core_write_compiled_include in includes/moodle/lib/smarty/core/core.write_compiled_include.php
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write the compiled resource


includes/moodle/lib/smarty/core/core.write_file.php, line 16


function smarty_core_write_file($params, &$smarty) {
  $_dirname = dirname($params['filename']);
  if ($params['create_dirs']) {
    $_params = array(
      'dir' => $_dirname,
    require_once SMARTY_DIR . 'core' . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'core.create_dir_structure.php';
    smarty_core_create_dir_structure($_params, $smarty);

  // write to tmp file, then rename it to avoid
  // file locking race condition
  $_tmp_file = $_dirname . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . uniqid('');
  if (!($fd = @fopen($_tmp_file, 'w'))) {
      ->trigger_error("problem writing temporary file '{$_tmp_file}'");
    return false;
  fwrite($fd, $params['contents']);
  if (isset($params['timestamp'])) {
    touch($_tmp_file, $params['timestamp']);
  if (file_exists($params['filename'])) {
  @rename($_tmp_file, $params['filename']);
  @chmod($params['filename'], $smarty->_file_perms);
  return true;