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Classes, traits, and interfaces in Profile 2 8

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Namesort descending Type Namespace Location Description Direct uses Use statements Strings
DeleteMultiple class Drupal\profile\Form src/Form/DeleteMultiple.php Provides a node deletion confirmation form. 1
DeleteProfile class Drupal\profile\Plugin\Action src/Plugin/Action/DeleteProfile.php Redirects to a profile deletion form.
Label class Drupal\profile\Plugin\views\field src/Plugin/views/field/Label.php Field handler to show the generated label of a profile.
Link class Drupal\profile\Plugin\views\field src/Plugin/views/field/Link.php Field handler to present a link to the node. 2 2
LinkDelete class Drupal\profile\Plugin\views\field src/Plugin/views/field/LinkDelete.php Field handler to present a link to delete a profile.
LinkEdit class Drupal\profile\Plugin\views\field src/Plugin/views/field/LinkEdit.php Field handler to present a link profile edit.
Profile class Drupal\profile\Entity src/Entity/Profile.php Defines the profile entity class. 1
ProfileAccessCheck class Drupal\profile\Access src/Access/ProfileAccessCheck.php Checks access to add, edit and delete profiles. 2
ProfileAccessControlHandler class Drupal\profile src/ProfileAccessControlHandler.php Defines the access control handler for the profile entity type.
ProfileAccessTest class Drupal\profile\Tests src/Tests/ProfileAccessTest.php Tests profile access handling.
ProfileAddLocalTask class Drupal\profile\Plugin\Derivative src/Plugin/Derivative/ProfileAddLocalTask.php Provides dynamic routes to add profiles. 1
ProfileAttachTest class Drupal\profile\Tests src/Tests/ProfileAttachTest.php Tests attaching of profile entity forms to other forms.
ProfileBulkForm class Drupal\profile\Plugin\views\field src/Plugin/views/field/ProfileBulkForm.php Defines a profile operations bulk form element.
ProfileController class Drupal\profile\Controller src/Controller/ProfileController.php Returns responses for ProfileController routes.
ProfileCRUDTest class Drupal\profile\Tests src/Tests/ProfileCRUDTest.php Tests basic CRUD functionality of profiles.
ProfileDeleteForm class Drupal\profile\Form src/Form/ProfileDeleteForm.php Provides a confirmation form for deleting a profile entity.
ProfileFieldAccessTest class Drupal\profile\Tests src/Tests/ProfileFieldAccessTest.php Tests profile field access functionality.
ProfileFormController class Drupal\profile src/ProfileFormController.php Form controller for profile forms.
ProfileInterface interface Drupal\profile src/ProfileInterface.php Provides an interface defining a profile entity. 1 2
ProfileListBuilder class Drupal\profile src/ProfileListBuilder.php List controller for profiles.
ProfilePermissions class Drupal\profile src/ProfilePermissions.php Defines a class containing permission callbacks.
ProfileType class Drupal\profile\Entity src/Entity/ProfileType.php Defines the profile type entity class. 5
ProfileTypeCRUDTest class Drupal\profile\Tests src/Tests/ProfileTypeCRUDTest.php Tests basic CRUD functionality of profile types.
ProfileTypeDeleteForm class Drupal\profile\Form src/Form/ProfileTypeDeleteForm.php Provides a confirmation form for deleting a Profile type entity.
ProfileTypeFormController class Drupal\profile src/ProfileTypeFormController.php Form controller for profile type forms.
ProfileTypeInterface interface Drupal\profile src/ProfileTypeInterface.php Provides an interface defining a profile type entity. 1 3
ProfileTypeListBuilder class Drupal\profile src/ProfileTypeListBuilder.php List controller for profile types.
ProfileViewBuilder class Drupal\profile src/ProfileViewBuilder.php Render controller for profile entities.
ProfileViewController class Drupal\profile\Controller src/Controller/ProfileViewController.php Defines a controller to render a single profile entity.
ProfileViewsData class Drupal\profile src/ProfileViewsData.php Provides the views data for the node entity type.
PublishProfile class Drupal\profile\Plugin\Action src/Plugin/Action/PublishProfile.php Publishes a profile.
UnpublishProfile class Drupal\profile\Plugin\Action src/Plugin/Action/UnpublishProfile.php Unpublishes a profile.

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