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function patterns_parser_build_formats_index in Patterns 7

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 7.2 includes/parser/ \patterns_parser_build_formats_index()

Register all available patterns parsers and returns an associative array.

Invokes all the modules implementing <hook_patterns_parser>.

Modules implenting such hook are expected to return an associative array of the type:

$parser = array(); $parser['format'] = 'php; $parser['parser'] = 'patterns_phpparser'; $parser['overwrite'] = TRUE; // (Optional) Default is TRUE

Patterns will then call

  • <patterns_phpparser_parse()>
  • <patterns_phpparser_dump()>
  • <patterns_phpparser_load()>

for performing parsing operations with the PHP format.


bool $reset (optional) If TRUE, forces to rebuild the index.:

Return value

array $patterns_formats The associative array of available parsers.

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includes/parser/, line 38


function patterns_parser_build_formats_index($reset = TRUE) {
  static $patterns_formats;
  if (!$reset) {
    return $patterns_formats;
  if (!is_array($patterns_formats)) {
    $patterns_formats = array();
  $modules = module_implements('patterns_parser');
  foreach ($modules as $module) {
    $parser = module_invoke($module, 'patterns_parser');
    if (!is_array($parser) || !isset($parser['parser']) || !isset($parser['format'])) {
    $format = $parser['format'];
    $parser = $parser['parser'];
    $ow = isset($parser['overwrite']) ? isset($parser['overwrite']) : TRUE;

    // overwrite by default
    // If the parser already exists and we are not
    // allowed to overwrite it, contintue
    if (!$ow && patterns_parser_exists($format, FALSE)) {
    $patterns_formats[$format] = $parser;
  return $patterns_formats;