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8 calls to panels_get_layouts() in Panels 5.2

panels_allowed_layouts::list_layouts in includes/
Snag a list of the current layouts for internal use.
panels_choose_layout in includes/
Form definition for the display layout editor.
panels_common_set_allowed_layouts in includes/
panels_mini_add_page in panels_mini/panels_mini.module
Handle the add mini panel page.
panels_mini_list_page in panels_mini/panels_mini.module
Provide a list of mini panels, with links to edit or delete them.
panels_node_add in panels_node/panels_node.module
panels_page_add_page in panels_page/
Handle the add panel-page page.
panels_page_list_page in panels_page/
Provide a list of panels, with links to edit or delete them.