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class OfficialFacebookPixelConfig in Official Facebook Pixel 8

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 7 src/OfficialFacebookPixelConfig.php \Drupal\official_facebook_pixel\OfficialFacebookPixelConfig

Class OfficialFacebookPixelConfig.

@package Drupal\official_facebook_pixel


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3 files declare their use of OfficialFacebookPixelConfig
OfficialFacebookPixelInjection.php in src/OfficialFacebookPixelInjection.php
Contains \Drupal\official_facebook_pixel \OfficialFacebookPixelInjection.
OfficialFacebookPixelOptions.php in src/OfficialFacebookPixelOptions.php
Contains \Drupal\official_facebook_pixel \OfficialFacebookPixelOptions.
OfficialFacebookPixelSettingsForm.php in src/Form/OfficialFacebookPixelSettingsForm.php
Contains \Drupal\official_facebook_pixel\Form \OfficialFacebookPixelSettingsForm.


src/OfficialFacebookPixelConfig.php, line 28
Contains \Drupal\official_facebook_pixel \OfficialFacebookPixelConfig.


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class OfficialFacebookPixelConfig {
  const CONFIG_NAME = 'official_facebook_pixel.settings';
  const FORM_ID = 'official_facebook_pixel_settings';
  const FORM_PII_KEY = 'pii_id';
  const FORM_PII_TITLE = 'Use Advanced Matching on pixel?';
  const FORM_PII_DESCRIPTION = 'Enabling Advanced Matching improves audience building.<br />For businesses that operate in the European Union, you may need to take additional action. Read the <a href="%s" target="_blank">Cookie Consent Guide for Sites and Apps</a> for suggestions on complying with EU privacy requirements. the Facebook Pixel ID';
  const FORM_PIXEL_KEY = 'pixel_id';
  const FORM_PIXEL_TITLE = 'Pixel ID';
  const FORM_PIXEL_DESCRIPTION = 'Enter the Facebook Pixel ID';
  const SOURCE_7 = 'pldrupal-7';
  const SOURCE_8 = 'pldrupal-8';

  // integration config for Drupal7: INTEGRATION_KEY => PLUGIN_CLASS
  public static function integrationConfigFor7() {
    return array();

  // integration config for Drupal8: INTEGRATION_KEY => PLUGIN_CLASS
  public static function integrationConfigFor8() {
    return array();