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class MediaBundle in Media entity 8

Defines the Media bundle configuration entity.

Plugin annotation

  id = "media_bundle",
  label = @Translation("Media bundle"),
  handlers = {
    "form" = {
      "add" = "Drupal\media_entity\MediaBundleForm",
      "edit" = "Drupal\media_entity\MediaBundleForm",
      "delete" = "Drupal\media_entity\Form\MediaBundleDeleteConfirm"
    "list_builder" = "Drupal\media_entity\MediaBundleListBuilder",
    "route_provider" = {
      "html" = "Drupal\Core\Entity\Routing\DefaultHtmlRouteProvider",
  admin_permission = "administer media bundles",
  config_prefix = "bundle",
  bundle_of = "media",
  entity_keys = {
    "id" = "id",
    "label" = "label"
  config_export = {
  links = {
    "add-form" = "/admin/structure/media/add",
    "edit-form" = "/admin/structure/media/manage/{media_bundle}",
    "delete-form" = "/admin/structure/media/manage/{media_bundle}/delete",
    "collection" = "/admin/structure/media",


Expanded class hierarchy of MediaBundle

4 files declare their use of MediaBundle
BasicCreationTest.php in tests/src/Kernel/BasicCreationTest.php
MediaEntityFunctionalTestTrait.php in tests/src/Functional/MediaEntityFunctionalTestTrait.php in ./
Builds placeholder replacement tokens for media_entity-related data.
TokensTest.php in tests/src/Kernel/TokensTest.php


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class MediaBundle extends ConfigEntityBundleBase implements MediaBundleInterface, EntityWithPluginCollectionInterface, EntityDescriptionInterface {

   * The machine name of this media bundle.
   * @var string
  public $id;

   * The human-readable name of the media bundle.
   * @var string
  public $label;

   * A brief description of this media bundle.
   * @var string
  public $description;

   * The type plugin id.
   * @var string
  public $type = 'generic';

   * Are thumbnail downloads queued.
   * @var bool
  public $queue_thumbnail_downloads = FALSE;

   * Default value of the 'Create new revision' checkbox of this media bundle.
   * @var bool
  protected $new_revision = FALSE;

   * The type plugin configuration.
   * @var array
  public $type_configuration = [];

   * Type lazy plugin collection.
   * @var \Drupal\Core\Plugin\DefaultSingleLazyPluginCollection
  protected $typePluginCollection;

   * Field map. Fields provided by type plugin to be stored as entity fields.
   * @var array
  public $field_map = [];

   * Default status of this media bundle.
   * @var array
  public $status = TRUE;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function id() {
    return $this->id;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function getPluginCollections() {
    return [
      'type_configuration' => $this

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public static function getLabel(MediaInterface $media) {
    $bundle = static::load($media
    return $bundle ? $bundle
      ->label() : FALSE;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public static function exists($id) {
    return (bool) static::load($id);

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function getDescription() {
    return $this->description;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function setDescription($description) {
    $this->description = $description;
    return $this;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function getTypeConfiguration() {
    return $this->type_configuration;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function setTypeConfiguration($configuration) {
    $this->type_configuration = $configuration;
    $this->typePluginCollection = NULL;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function getQueueThumbnailDownloads() {
    return $this->queue_thumbnail_downloads;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function setQueueThumbnailDownloads($queue_thumbnail_downloads) {
    $this->queue_thumbnail_downloads = $queue_thumbnail_downloads;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function getType() {
    return $this

   * Returns type lazy plugin collection.
   * @return \Drupal\Core\Plugin\DefaultSingleLazyPluginCollection
   *   The tag plugin collection.
  protected function typePluginCollection() {
    if (!$this->typePluginCollection) {
      $this->typePluginCollection = new DefaultSingleLazyPluginCollection(\Drupal::service('plugin.manager.media_entity.type'), $this->type, $this->type_configuration);
    return $this->typePluginCollection;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function getStatus() {
    return $this->status;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function shouldCreateNewRevision() {
    return $this->new_revision;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function setNewRevision($new_revision) {
    $this->new_revision = $new_revision;



Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description Overrides
CacheableDependencyTrait::$cacheContexts protected property Cache contexts.
CacheableDependencyTrait::$cacheMaxAge protected property Cache max-age.
CacheableDependencyTrait::$cacheTags protected property Cache tags.
CacheableDependencyTrait::setCacheability protected function Sets cacheability; useful for value object constructors.
ConfigEntityBase::$isUninstalling private property Whether the config is being deleted by the uninstall process.
ConfigEntityBase::$langcode protected property The language code of the entity's default language.
ConfigEntityBase::$originalId protected property The original ID of the configuration entity.
ConfigEntityBase::$third_party_settings protected property Third party entity settings.
ConfigEntityBase::$trustedData protected property Trust supplied data and not use configuration schema on save.
ConfigEntityBase::$uuid protected property The UUID for this entity.
ConfigEntityBase::$_core protected property Information maintained by Drupal core about configuration.
ConfigEntityBase::addDependency protected function Overrides \Drupal\Core\Entity\DependencyTrait:addDependency().
ConfigEntityBase::calculateDependencies public function Calculates dependencies and stores them in the dependency property. Overrides ConfigEntityInterface::calculateDependencies 13
ConfigEntityBase::createDuplicate public function Creates a duplicate of the entity. Overrides EntityBase::createDuplicate 1
ConfigEntityBase::disable public function Disables the configuration entity. Overrides ConfigEntityInterface::disable 1
ConfigEntityBase::enable public function Enables the configuration entity. Overrides ConfigEntityInterface::enable
ConfigEntityBase::get public function Returns the value of a property. Overrides ConfigEntityInterface::get
ConfigEntityBase::getCacheTagsToInvalidate public function Returns the cache tags that should be used to invalidate caches. Overrides EntityBase::getCacheTagsToInvalidate 1
ConfigEntityBase::getConfigDependencyName public function Gets the configuration dependency name. Overrides EntityBase::getConfigDependencyName
ConfigEntityBase::getConfigManager protected static function Gets the configuration manager.
ConfigEntityBase::getConfigTarget public function Gets the configuration target identifier for the entity. Overrides EntityBase::getConfigTarget
ConfigEntityBase::getDependencies public function Gets the configuration dependencies. Overrides ConfigEntityInterface::getDependencies
ConfigEntityBase::getOriginalId public function Gets the original ID. Overrides EntityBase::getOriginalId
ConfigEntityBase::getThirdPartyProviders public function Gets the list of third parties that store information. Overrides ThirdPartySettingsInterface::getThirdPartyProviders
ConfigEntityBase::getThirdPartySetting public function Gets the value of a third-party setting. Overrides ThirdPartySettingsInterface::getThirdPartySetting
ConfigEntityBase::getThirdPartySettings public function Gets all third-party settings of a given module. Overrides ThirdPartySettingsInterface::getThirdPartySettings
ConfigEntityBase::getTypedConfig protected function Gets the typed config manager.
ConfigEntityBase::hasTrustedData public function Gets whether on not the data is trusted. Overrides ConfigEntityInterface::hasTrustedData
ConfigEntityBase::invalidateTagsOnDelete protected static function Override to never invalidate the individual entities' cache tags; the config system already invalidates them. Overrides EntityBase::invalidateTagsOnDelete
ConfigEntityBase::invalidateTagsOnSave protected function Override to never invalidate the entity's cache tag; the config system already invalidates it. Overrides EntityBase::invalidateTagsOnSave
ConfigEntityBase::isInstallable public function Checks whether this entity is installable. Overrides ConfigEntityInterface::isInstallable 2
ConfigEntityBase::isNew public function Overrides Entity::isNew(). Overrides EntityBase::isNew
ConfigEntityBase::isUninstalling public function Returns whether this entity is being changed during the uninstall process. Overrides ConfigEntityInterface::isUninstalling
ConfigEntityBase::link public function Deprecated way of generating a link to the entity. See toLink(). Overrides EntityBase::link
ConfigEntityBase::onDependencyRemoval public function Informs the entity that entities it depends on will be deleted. Overrides ConfigEntityInterface::onDependencyRemoval 7
ConfigEntityBase::preDelete public static function Acts on entities before they are deleted and before hooks are invoked. Overrides EntityBase::preDelete 8
ConfigEntityBase::save public function Saves an entity permanently. Overrides EntityBase::save 1
ConfigEntityBase::set public function Sets the value of a property. Overrides ConfigEntityInterface::set
ConfigEntityBase::setOriginalId public function Sets the original ID. Overrides EntityBase::setOriginalId
ConfigEntityBase::setStatus public function Sets the status of the configuration entity. Overrides ConfigEntityInterface::setStatus
ConfigEntityBase::setThirdPartySetting public function Sets the value of a third-party setting. Overrides ThirdPartySettingsInterface::setThirdPartySetting
ConfigEntityBase::setUninstalling public function
ConfigEntityBase::sort public static function Helper callback for uasort() to sort configuration entities by weight and label. 6
ConfigEntityBase::status public function Returns whether the configuration entity is enabled. Overrides ConfigEntityInterface::status 4
ConfigEntityBase::toArray public function Gets an array of all property values. Overrides EntityBase::toArray 2
ConfigEntityBase::toUrl public function Gets the URL object for the entity. Overrides EntityBase::toUrl
ConfigEntityBase::trustData public function Sets that the data should be trusted. Overrides ConfigEntityInterface::trustData
ConfigEntityBase::unsetThirdPartySetting public function Unsets a third-party setting. Overrides ThirdPartySettingsInterface::unsetThirdPartySetting
ConfigEntityBase::url public function Gets the public URL for this entity. Overrides EntityBase::url
ConfigEntityBase::urlInfo public function Gets the URL object for the entity. Overrides EntityBase::urlInfo
ConfigEntityBase::__construct public function Constructs an Entity object. Overrides EntityBase::__construct 10
ConfigEntityBase::__sleep public function Overrides EntityBase::__sleep 4
ConfigEntityBundleBase::deleteDisplays protected function Deletes display if a bundle is deleted.
ConfigEntityBundleBase::loadDisplays protected function Returns view or form displays for this bundle.
ConfigEntityBundleBase::postDelete public static function Acts on deleted entities before the delete hook is invoked. Overrides EntityBase::postDelete 2
ConfigEntityBundleBase::postSave public function Acts on a saved entity before the insert or update hook is invoked. Overrides EntityBase::postSave 2
ConfigEntityBundleBase::preSave public function Acts on an entity before the presave hook is invoked. Overrides ConfigEntityBase::preSave
DependencySerializationTrait::$_entityStorages protected property An array of entity type IDs keyed by the property name of their storages.
DependencySerializationTrait::$_serviceIds protected property An array of service IDs keyed by property name used for serialization.
DependencySerializationTrait::__sleep public function Aliased as: traitSleep 1
DependencySerializationTrait::__wakeup public function 2
DependencyTrait::$dependencies protected property The object's dependencies.
DependencyTrait::addDependencies protected function Adds multiple dependencies.
DependencyTrait::addDependency protected function Adds a dependency. Aliased as: addDependencyTrait
EntityBase::$enforceIsNew protected property Boolean indicating whether the entity should be forced to be new.
EntityBase::$entityTypeId protected property The entity type.
EntityBase::$typedData protected property A typed data object wrapping this entity.
EntityBase::access public function Checks data value access. Overrides AccessibleInterface::access 1
EntityBase::bundle public function Gets the bundle of the entity. Overrides EntityInterface::bundle 1
EntityBase::create public static function Constructs a new entity object, without permanently saving it. Overrides EntityInterface::create
EntityBase::delete public function Deletes an entity permanently. Overrides EntityInterface::delete 2
EntityBase::enforceIsNew public function Enforces an entity to be new. Overrides EntityInterface::enforceIsNew
EntityBase::entityManager Deprecated protected function Gets the entity manager.
EntityBase::entityTypeBundleInfo protected function Gets the entity type bundle info service.
EntityBase::entityTypeManager protected function Gets the entity type manager.
EntityBase::getCacheContexts public function The cache contexts associated with this object. Overrides CacheableDependencyTrait::getCacheContexts
EntityBase::getCacheMaxAge public function The maximum age for which this object may be cached. Overrides CacheableDependencyTrait::getCacheMaxAge
EntityBase::getCacheTags public function The cache tags associated with this object. Overrides CacheableDependencyTrait::getCacheTags
EntityBase::getConfigDependencyKey public function Gets the key that is used to store configuration dependencies. Overrides EntityInterface::getConfigDependencyKey
EntityBase::getEntityType public function Gets the entity type definition. Overrides EntityInterface::getEntityType
EntityBase::getEntityTypeId public function Gets the ID of the type of the entity. Overrides EntityInterface::getEntityTypeId
EntityBase::getListCacheTagsToInvalidate protected function The list cache tags to invalidate for this entity.
EntityBase::getTypedData public function Gets a typed data object for this entity object. Overrides EntityInterface::getTypedData
EntityBase::hasLinkTemplate public function Indicates if a link template exists for a given key. Overrides EntityInterface::hasLinkTemplate
EntityBase::label public function Gets the label of the entity. Overrides EntityInterface::label 6
EntityBase::language public function Gets the language of the entity. Overrides EntityInterface::language 1
EntityBase::languageManager protected function Gets the language manager.
EntityBase::linkTemplates protected function Gets an array link templates. 1
EntityBase::load public static function Loads an entity. Overrides EntityInterface::load
EntityBase::loadMultiple public static function Loads one or more entities. Overrides EntityInterface::loadMultiple
EntityBase::postCreate public function Acts on a created entity before hooks are invoked. Overrides EntityInterface::postCreate 4
EntityBase::postLoad public static function Acts on loaded entities. Overrides EntityInterface::postLoad 2
EntityBase::preCreate public static function Changes the values of an entity before it is created. Overrides EntityInterface::preCreate 5
EntityBase::referencedEntities public function Gets a list of entities referenced by this entity. Overrides EntityInterface::referencedEntities 1
EntityBase::toLink public function Generates the HTML for a link to this entity. Overrides EntityInterface::toLink
EntityBase::uriRelationships public function Gets a list of URI relationships supported by this entity. Overrides EntityInterface::uriRelationships
EntityBase::urlRouteParameters protected function Gets an array of placeholders for this entity. 2
EntityBase::uuid public function Gets the entity UUID (Universally Unique Identifier). Overrides EntityInterface::uuid 1
EntityBase::uuidGenerator protected function Gets the UUID generator.
MediaBundle::$description public property A brief description of this media bundle.
MediaBundle::$field_map public property Field map. Fields provided by type plugin to be stored as entity fields.
MediaBundle::$id public property The machine name of this media bundle.
MediaBundle::$label public property The human-readable name of the media bundle.
MediaBundle::$new_revision protected property Default value of the 'Create new revision' checkbox of this media bundle.
MediaBundle::$queue_thumbnail_downloads public property Are thumbnail downloads queued.
MediaBundle::$status public property Default status of this media bundle. Overrides ConfigEntityBase::$status
MediaBundle::$type public property The type plugin id.
MediaBundle::$typePluginCollection protected property Type lazy plugin collection.
MediaBundle::$type_configuration public property The type plugin configuration.
MediaBundle::exists public static function Checks if the bundle exists. Overrides MediaBundleInterface::exists
MediaBundle::getDescription public function Returns the Media bundle description. Overrides MediaBundleInterface::getDescription
MediaBundle::getLabel public static function Returns the label. Overrides MediaBundleInterface::getLabel
MediaBundle::getPluginCollections public function Gets the plugin collections used by this object. Overrides ObjectWithPluginCollectionInterface::getPluginCollections
MediaBundle::getQueueThumbnailDownloads public function Returns whether thumbnail downloads are queued. Overrides MediaBundleInterface::getQueueThumbnailDownloads
MediaBundle::getStatus public function Returns the media type status. Overrides MediaBundleInterface::getStatus
MediaBundle::getType public function Returns the media type plugin. Overrides MediaBundleInterface::getType
MediaBundle::getTypeConfiguration public function Returns the media type configuration. Overrides MediaBundleInterface::getTypeConfiguration
MediaBundle::id public function Gets the identifier. Overrides EntityBase::id
MediaBundle::setDescription public function Sets the entity description. Overrides EntityDescriptionInterface::setDescription
MediaBundle::setNewRevision public function Sets whether a new revision should be created by default. Overrides MediaBundleInterface::setNewRevision
MediaBundle::setQueueThumbnailDownloads public function Sets a flag to indicate that thumbnails should be downloaded via a queue. Overrides MediaBundleInterface::setQueueThumbnailDownloads
MediaBundle::setTypeConfiguration public function Sets the media type configuration. Overrides MediaBundleInterface::setTypeConfiguration
MediaBundle::shouldCreateNewRevision public function
MediaBundle::typePluginCollection protected function Returns type lazy plugin collection.
PluginDependencyTrait::calculatePluginDependencies protected function Calculates and adds dependencies of a specific plugin instance. 1
PluginDependencyTrait::getPluginDependencies protected function Calculates and returns dependencies of a specific plugin instance.
PluginDependencyTrait::moduleHandler protected function Wraps the module handler. 1
PluginDependencyTrait::themeHandler protected function Wraps the theme handler. 1
RefinableCacheableDependencyTrait::addCacheableDependency public function 1
RefinableCacheableDependencyTrait::addCacheContexts public function
RefinableCacheableDependencyTrait::addCacheTags public function
RefinableCacheableDependencyTrait::mergeCacheMaxAge public function
SynchronizableEntityTrait::$isSyncing protected property Whether this entity is being created, updated or deleted through a synchronization process.
SynchronizableEntityTrait::isSyncing public function
SynchronizableEntityTrait::setSyncing public function