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function lingotek_supported_type in Lingotek Translation 7.3

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 7.2 \lingotek_supported_type()
  2. 7.4 \lingotek_supported_type()
  3. 7.5 \lingotek_supported_type()
  4. 7.6 \lingotek_supported_type()

Returns whether the given node type has support for translations.

Return value

Boolean value.

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./, line 424
Utility functions.


function lingotek_supported_type($type) {
  $lingotek_supported_explicitly = variable_get('language_content_type_' . $type, NULL) == LINGOTEK_ENABLED;
  $entity_translation_managed = lingotek_managed_by_entity_translation($type);
  return $lingotek_supported_explicitly || $entity_translation_managed;

  //we also support entity_translation managed content