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function geolocation_googlemaps_widget_settings in Geolocation Field 6

Implementation of hook_widget_settings().


modules/geolocation_googlemaps/geolocation_googlemaps.module, line 92


function geolocation_googlemaps_widget_settings($op, $widget) {
  switch ($op) {

    // Create the form element to be used on the widget
    // settings form. Widget settings can be different
    // for each shared instance of the same field and
    // should define the way the value is displayed to
    // the user in the edit form for that content type.
    case 'form':
      $element = array();
      return $element;

    // Return an array of the names of the widget settings
    // defined by this module. These are the items that
    // CCK will store in the widget definition and they
    // will be available in the $field['widget'] array.
    // This should match the items defined in 'form' above.
    case 'save':
      return array(