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function _get_logging_responsibility_description in General Data Protection Regulation 8.2

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 8 gdpr.module \_get_logging_responsibility_description()

Returns a HTML markup for logging_responsibility checkpoint description.

Return value

string HTML markup string

1 call to _get_logging_responsibility_description()
gdpr_checklistapi_checklist_items in ./gdpr.module
Callback for gdpr_checklistapi_checklist_info().


./gdpr.module, line 245
Module file.


function _get_logging_responsibility_description() {
  $logging_items = [
    '#theme' => 'item_list',
    '#items' => [
      t('Has fewer than 250 employees the processing it carries out is likely no result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of data subjects, the processing is only occasional and the processing does not includes special categories of data (Article 30/5) and as such my organisation is not required to create records of processing activities'),
      t('My organisation has 250 or more employees and records of processing activities have been prepared according to Article 30 of the regulation'),
  return Drupal::service('renderer')