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Classes, traits, and interfaces in Forward 8.3

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Namesort descending Type Namespace Location Description Direct uses Use statements Strings
AccessCheckerTest class Drupal\forward\Tests src/Tests/AccessCheckerTest.php Test the Access Checker service.
EntityForwardEvent class Drupal\forward\Event src/Event/EntityForwardEvent.php Event that is fired when an entity is forwarded. 1
EntityPreforwardEvent class Drupal\forward\Event src/Event/EntityPreforwardEvent.php Event that is fired when an entity is forwarded. 1
ForwardAccessChecker class Drupal\forward src/ForwardAccessChecker.php Defines a class for checking whether a Forward link or form can be diplayed within a given context. 2
ForwardAccessCheckerInterface interface Drupal\forward src/ForwardAccessCheckerInterface.php Defines an interface for checking access to Forward link or form display. 1 5
ForwardController class Drupal\forward\Controller src/Controller/ForwardController.php Returns responses for the Forward module.
ForwardDestinationBase abstract class Drupal\forward\Plugin\migrate\destination src/Plugin/migrate/destination/ForwardDestinationBase.php Base class for Forward migrate destination classes. 2
ForwardForm class Drupal\forward\Form src/Form/ForwardForm.php Forward a page to a friend 1
ForwardForm class Drupal\forward\Plugin\DsField src/Plugin/DsField/ForwardForm.php Forward form plugin. 2
ForwardFormBlock class Drupal\forward\Plugin\Block src/Plugin/Block/ForwardFormBlock.php Provides a block for switching users.
ForwardFormBuilder class Drupal\forward src/ForwardFormBuilder.php Defines a class for building markup for a Forward inline form on an entity. 1 2
ForwardFormBuilderInterface interface Drupal\forward src/ForwardFormBuilderInterface.php Defines an interface for building a Forward inline form on an entity. 1 2
ForwardFormTaxonomy class Drupal\forward\Plugin\DsField src/Plugin/DsField/ForwardFormTaxonomy.php Forward form plugin.
ForwardFormTest class Drupal\forward\Tests src/Tests/ForwardFormTest.php Test the Forward form.
ForwardFormUser class Drupal\forward\Plugin\DsField src/Plugin/DsField/ForwardFormUser.php Forward form plugin.
ForwardLink class Drupal\forward\Plugin\DsField src/Plugin/DsField/ForwardLink.php Forward link plugin. 2
ForwardLink class Drupal\forward\Plugin\views\field src/Plugin/views/field/ForwardLink.php Field handler to flag the node type.
ForwardLinkBlock class Drupal\forward\Plugin\Block src/Plugin/Block/ForwardLinkBlock.php Provides a block with a Forward link.
ForwardLinkBuilder class Drupal\forward src/ForwardLinkBuilder.php Defines a class for building markup for a Forward link on an entity. 2
ForwardLinkBuilderInterface interface Drupal\forward src/ForwardLinkBuilderInterface.php Defines an interface for building a Forward link on an entity. 1 3
ForwardLinkTaxonomy class Drupal\forward\Plugin\DsField src/Plugin/DsField/ForwardLinkTaxonomy.php Forward link plugin.
ForwardLinkUser class Drupal\forward\Plugin\DsField src/Plugin/DsField/ForwardLinkUser.php Forward link plugin.
ForwardLog class Drupal\forward\Plugin\migrate\source src/Plugin/migrate/source/ForwardLog.php Forward statistics source.
ForwardLog class Drupal\forward\Plugin\migrate\destination src/Plugin/migrate/destination/ForwardLog.php Drupal 8 destination for forward logs.
ForwardMail class Drupal\forward\Plugin\Mail src/Plugin/Mail/ForwardMail.php Defines a custom mail interface so that Forward emails can be sent as HTML.
ForwardStatistics class Drupal\forward\Plugin\migrate\source src/Plugin/migrate/source/ForwardStatistics.php Forward statistics source.
ForwardStatistics class Drupal\forward\Plugin\migrate\destination src/Plugin/migrate/destination/ForwardStatistics.php Drupal 8 destination for forward statistics.
ForwardTestBase abstract class Drupal\forward\Tests src/Tests/ForwardTestBase.php Provides a base class for testing the Forward module. 3
PermissionsTest class Drupal\forward\Tests src/Tests/PermissionsTest.php Test the permissions.
SettingsForm class Drupal\forward\Form src/Form/SettingsForm.php Configure settings for this module. 1

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