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function fieldable_panels_panes_get_bundle_labels in Fieldable Panels Panes (FPP) 7

Get an array of entity bundle names, suitable for an options form.

3 calls to fieldable_panels_panes_get_bundle_labels()
fieldable_panels_panes_exposed_bundles in ./fieldable_panels_panes.module
Return array of FPP bundles exposed as blocks.
fieldable_panels_panes_handler_filter_bundle::get_value_options in plugins/views/
Child classes should be used to override this function and set the 'value options', unless 'options callback' is defined as a valid function or static public method to generate these values.
fieldable_panels_panes_settings in includes/
Page callback for settings page.
1 string reference to 'fieldable_panels_panes_get_bundle_labels'
fieldable_panels_panes_entity_property_info in ./
Implements hook_entity_property_info().


./fieldable_panels_panes.module, line 1190
Maintains an entity that appears as panel pane content.


function fieldable_panels_panes_get_bundle_labels() {
  $bundles = array();
  $entity_info = entity_get_info('fieldable_panels_pane');
  foreach ($entity_info['bundles'] as $bundle => $info) {
    $bundles[$bundle] = $info['label'];
  return $bundles;