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function features_sanitize in Features 7.2

Helper function to "sanitize" an array or object.

Converts everything to an array, sorts the keys, removes recursion.

@todo Needs unit tests. @todo A better name might be "normalize", not "sanitize".


array|object $array: The object or array to "sanitize". After this call, this variable will be an array.

string $component: (optional) Name of a component type, e.g. "field_instance".

bool $remove_empty: (optional) If TRUE, remove null or empty values for assoc arrays.

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./, line 1477
Contains functions that export configuration into feature modules.


function features_sanitize(&$array, $component = NULL, $remove_empty = TRUE) {
  $array = features_remove_recursion($array);
  if (isset($component)) {
    $ignore_keys = _features_get_ignore_keys($component);

    // Remove keys to be ignored.
    if (count($ignore_keys)) {
      _features_remove_ignores($array, $ignore_keys);
  _features_sanitize($array, $remove_empty);