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function db_type_placeholder in Drupal 6

Given a Schema API field type, return the correct %-placeholder.

Embed the placeholder in a query to be passed to db_query and and pass as an argument to db_query a value of the specified type.


$type: The Schema API type of a field.

Return value

The placeholder string to embed in a query for that type.

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includes/, line 590
Wrapper for database interface code.


function db_type_placeholder($type) {
  switch ($type) {
    case 'varchar':
    case 'char':
    case 'text':
    case 'datetime':
      return "'%s'";
    case 'numeric':

      // Numeric values are arbitrary precision numbers.  Syntacically, numerics
      // should be specified directly in SQL. However, without single quotes
      // the %s placeholder does not protect against non-numeric characters such
      // as spaces which would expose us to SQL injection.
      return '%n';
    case 'serial':
    case 'int':
      return '%d';
    case 'float':
      return '%f';
    case 'blob':
      return '%b';

  // There is no safe value to return here, so return something that
  // will cause the query to fail.
  return 'unsupported type ' . $type . 'for db_type_placeholder';