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class Feed in Drupal 9

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  1. 9 core/modules/aggregator/src/Entity/Feed.php \Drupal\aggregator\Entity\Feed
  2. 9 core/modules/views/src/Plugin/views/display/Feed.php \Drupal\views\Plugin\views\display\Feed
Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 8 core/modules/views/src/Plugin/views/display/Feed.php \Drupal\views\Plugin\views\display\Feed

The plugin that handles a feed, such as RSS or atom.

Plugin annotation

  id = "feed",
  title = @Translation("Feed"),
  help = @Translation("Display the view as a feed, such as an RSS feed."),
  uses_route = TRUE,
  admin = @Translation("Feed"),
  returns_response = TRUE


Expanded class hierarchy of Feed

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core/modules/views/src/Plugin/views/display/Feed.php, line 30


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class Feed extends PathPluginBase implements ResponseDisplayPluginInterface {

   * Whether the display allows the use of AJAX or not.
   * @var bool
  protected $ajaxEnabled = FALSE;

   * Whether the display allows the use of a pager or not.
   * @var bool
  protected $usesPager = FALSE;

   * The renderer.
   * @var \Drupal\Core\Render\RendererInterface
  protected $renderer;

   * Constructs a PathPluginBase object.
   * @param array $configuration
   *   A configuration array containing information about the plugin instance.
   * @param string $plugin_id
   *   The plugin_id for the plugin instance.
   * @param mixed $plugin_definition
   *   The plugin implementation definition.
   * @param \Drupal\Core\Routing\RouteProviderInterface $route_provider
   *   The route provider.
   * @param \Drupal\Core\State\StateInterface $state
   *   The state key value store.
   * @param \Drupal\Core\Render\RendererInterface $renderer
   *   The renderer.
  public function __construct(array $configuration, $plugin_id, $plugin_definition, RouteProviderInterface $route_provider, StateInterface $state, RendererInterface $renderer) {
    parent::__construct($configuration, $plugin_id, $plugin_definition, $route_provider, $state);
    $this->renderer = $renderer;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public static function create(ContainerInterface $container, array $configuration, $plugin_id, $plugin_definition) {
    return new static($configuration, $plugin_id, $plugin_definition, $container
      ->get('router.route_provider'), $container
      ->get('state'), $container

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function getType() {
    return 'feed';

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public static function buildResponse($view_id, $display_id, array $args = []) {
    $build = static::buildBasicRenderable($view_id, $display_id, $args);

    // Set up an empty response, so for example RSS can set the proper
    // Content-Type header.
    $response = new CacheableResponse('', 200);
    $build['#response'] = $response;

    /** @var \Drupal\Core\Render\RendererInterface $renderer */
    $renderer = \Drupal::service('renderer');
    $output = (string) $renderer
    if (empty($output)) {
      throw new NotFoundHttpException();
    $cache_metadata = CacheableMetadata::createFromRenderArray($build);
    return $response;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function execute() {
    return $this->view

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function preview() {
    $output = $this->view
    if (!empty($this->view->live_preview)) {
      $output = [
        '#prefix' => '<pre>',
        '#plain_text' => $this->renderer
        '#suffix' => '</pre>',
    return $output;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function render() {
    $build = $this->view->style_plugin
    return $build;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function defaultableSections($section = NULL) {
    $sections = parent::defaultableSections($section);
    if (in_array($section, [
    ])) {
      return FALSE;

    // Tell views our sitename_title option belongs in the title section.
    if ($section == 'title') {
      $sections[] = 'sitename_title';
    elseif (!$section) {
      $sections['title'][] = 'sitename_title';
    return $sections;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  protected function defineOptions() {
    $options = parent::defineOptions();
    $options['displays'] = [
      'default' => [],

    // Overrides for standard stuff.
    $options['style']['contains']['type']['default'] = 'rss';
    $options['style']['contains']['options']['default'] = [
      'description' => '',
    $options['sitename_title']['default'] = FALSE;
    $options['row']['contains']['type']['default'] = 'rss_fields';
    $options['defaults']['default']['style'] = FALSE;
    $options['defaults']['default']['row'] = FALSE;
    return $options;

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function newDisplay() {

    // Set the default row style. Ideally this would be part of the option
    // definition, but in this case it's dependent on the view's base table,
    // which we don't know until init().
    if (empty($this->options['row']['type']) || $this->options['row']['type'] === 'rss_fields') {
      $row_plugins = Views::fetchPluginNames('row', $this
        ->getType(), [
      $default_row_plugin = key($row_plugins);
      $options = $this
      $options['type'] = $default_row_plugin;
        ->setOption('row', $options);

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function optionsSummary(&$categories, &$options) {
    parent::optionsSummary($categories, $options);

    // Since we're childing off the 'path' type, we'll still *call* our
    // category 'page' but let's override it so it says feed settings.
    $categories['page'] = [
      'title' => $this
        ->t('Feed settings'),
      'column' => 'second',
      'build' => [
        '#weight' => -10,
    if ($this
      ->getOption('sitename_title')) {
      $options['title']['value'] = $this
        ->t('Using the site name');
    $displays = array_filter($this
    if (count($displays) > 1) {
      $attach_to = $this
        ->t('Multiple displays');
    elseif (count($displays) == 1) {
      $display = array_shift($displays);
      $displays = $this->view->storage
      if (!empty($displays[$display])) {
        $attach_to = $displays[$display]['display_title'];
    if (!isset($attach_to)) {
      $attach_to = $this
    $options['displays'] = [
      'category' => 'page',
      'title' => $this
        ->t('Attach to'),
      'value' => $attach_to,

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function buildOptionsForm(&$form, FormStateInterface $form_state) {

    // It is very important to call the parent function here.
    parent::buildOptionsForm($form, $form_state);
    switch ($form_state
      ->get('section')) {
      case 'title':
        $title = $form['title'];

        // A little juggling to move the 'title' field beyond our checkbox.
        $form['sitename_title'] = [
          '#type' => 'checkbox',
          '#title' => $this
            ->t('Use the site name for the title'),
          '#default_value' => $this
        $form['title'] = $title;
        $form['title']['#states'] = [
          'visible' => [
            ':input[name="sitename_title"]' => [
              'checked' => FALSE,
      case 'displays':
        $form['#title'] .= $this
          ->t('Attach to');
        $displays = [];
        foreach ($this->view->storage
          ->get('display') as $display_id => $display) {

          // @todo The display plugin should have display_title and id as well.
          if ($this->view->displayHandlers
            ->has($display_id) && $this->view->displayHandlers
            ->acceptAttachments()) {
            $displays[$display_id] = $display['display_title'];
        $form['displays'] = [
          '#title' => $this
          '#type' => 'checkboxes',
          '#description' => $this
            ->t('The feed icon will be available only to the selected displays.'),
          '#options' => array_map('\\Drupal\\Component\\Utility\\Html::escape', $displays),
          '#default_value' => $this
      case 'path':
        $form['path']['#description'] = $this
          ->t('This view will be displayed by visiting this path on your site. It is recommended that the path be something like "path/%/%/feed" or "path/%/%/rss.xml", putting one % in the path for each contextual filter you have defined in the view.');

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function submitOptionsForm(&$form, FormStateInterface $form_state) {
    parent::submitOptionsForm($form, $form_state);
    $section = $form_state
    switch ($section) {
      case 'title':
          ->setOption('sitename_title', $form_state
      case 'displays':
          ->setOption($section, $form_state

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function attachTo(ViewExecutable $clone, $display_id, array &$build) {
    $displays = $this
    if (empty($displays[$display_id])) {

    // Defer to the feed style; it may put in meta information, and/or
    // attach a feed icon.
    if ($plugin = $clone->display_handler
      ->getPlugin('style')) {
        ->attachTo($build, $display_id, $clone
        ->getUrl(), $clone
      foreach ($clone->feedIcons as $feed_icon) {
        $this->view->feedIcons[] = $feed_icon;

    // Clean up.

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function usesLinkDisplay() {
    return TRUE;



Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description Overrides
DependencySerializationTrait::$_entityStorages protected property
DependencySerializationTrait::$_serviceIds protected property
DependencySerializationTrait::__sleep public function 2
DependencySerializationTrait::__wakeup public function 2
DependencyTrait::$dependencies protected property The object's dependencies.
DependencyTrait::addDependencies protected function Adds multiple dependencies.
DependencyTrait::addDependency protected function Adds a dependency.
DisplayPluginBase::$display public property The display information coming directly from the view entity.
DisplayPluginBase::$extenders protected property Stores all available display extenders.
DisplayPluginBase::$handlers public property An array of instantiated handlers used in this display.
DisplayPluginBase::$output public property Stores the rendered output of the display.
DisplayPluginBase::$plugins protected property An array of instantiated plugins used in this display.
DisplayPluginBase::$unpackOptions protected static property Static cache for unpackOptions, but not if we are in the UI.
DisplayPluginBase::$usesAJAX protected property Whether the display allows the use of AJAX or not. 2
DisplayPluginBase::$usesAreas protected property Whether the display allows area plugins. 2
DisplayPluginBase::$usesAttachments protected property Whether the display allows attachments. 6
DisplayPluginBase::$usesMore protected property Whether the display allows the use of a 'more' link or not. 1
DisplayPluginBase::$usesOptions protected property Denotes whether the plugin has an additional options form. Overrides PluginBase::$usesOptions 1
DisplayPluginBase::$view public property The top object of a view. Overrides PluginBase::$view
DisplayPluginBase::acceptAttachments public function Determines whether this display can use attachments. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::acceptAttachments
DisplayPluginBase::access public function Determines if the user has access to this display of the view. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::access
DisplayPluginBase::ajaxEnabled public function Whether the display is actually using AJAX or not. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::ajaxEnabled
DisplayPluginBase::applyDisplayCacheabilityMetadata protected function Applies the cacheability of the current display to the given render array.
DisplayPluginBase::buildBasicRenderable public static function Builds a basic render array which can be properly render cached. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::buildBasicRenderable 1
DisplayPluginBase::buildRenderable public function Builds a renderable array of the view. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::buildRenderable 1
DisplayPluginBase::buildRenderingLanguageOptions protected function Returns the available rendering strategies for language-aware entities.
DisplayPluginBase::calculateCacheMetadata public function Calculates the display's cache metadata by inspecting each handler/plugin. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::calculateCacheMetadata
DisplayPluginBase::calculateDependencies public function Calculates dependencies for the configured plugin. Overrides PluginBase::calculateDependencies 2
DisplayPluginBase::destroy public function Clears a plugin. Overrides PluginBase::destroy
DisplayPluginBase::displaysExposed public function Determines if this display should display the exposed filters widgets. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::displaysExposed 2
DisplayPluginBase::elementPreRender public function #pre_render callback for view display rendering. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::elementPreRender
DisplayPluginBase::getAllHandlers protected function Gets all the handlers used by the display.
DisplayPluginBase::getAllPlugins protected function Gets all the plugins used by the display.
DisplayPluginBase::getArgumentsTokens public function Returns to tokens for arguments. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::getArgumentsTokens
DisplayPluginBase::getArgumentText public function Provides help text for the arguments. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::getArgumentText 1
DisplayPluginBase::getAttachedDisplays public function Find out all displays which are attached to this display. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::getAttachedDisplays
DisplayPluginBase::getCacheMetadata public function Gets the cache metadata. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::getCacheMetadata
DisplayPluginBase::getExtenders public function Gets the display extenders. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::getExtenders
DisplayPluginBase::getFieldLabels public function Retrieves a list of fields for the current display. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::getFieldLabels
DisplayPluginBase::getHandler public function Get the handler object for a single handler. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::getHandler
DisplayPluginBase::getHandlers public function Get a full array of handlers for $type. This caches them. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::getHandlers
DisplayPluginBase::getLinkDisplay public function Returns the ID of the display to use when making links. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::getLinkDisplay
DisplayPluginBase::getMoreUrl protected function Get the more URL for this view.
DisplayPluginBase::getOption public function Gets an option, from this display or the default display. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::getOption
DisplayPluginBase::getPagerText public function Provides help text for pagers. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::getPagerText 1
DisplayPluginBase::getPlugin public function Get the instance of a plugin, for example style or row. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::getPlugin
DisplayPluginBase::getRoutedDisplay public function Points to the display which can be linked by this display. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::getRoutedDisplay
DisplayPluginBase::getSpecialBlocks public function Provides the block system with any exposed widget blocks for this display. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::getSpecialBlocks
DisplayPluginBase::getUrl public function Returns a URL to $this display or its configured linked display. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::getUrl
DisplayPluginBase::initDisplay public function Initializes the display plugin. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::initDisplay 1
DisplayPluginBase::isBaseTableTranslatable protected function Returns whether the base table is of a translatable entity type.
DisplayPluginBase::isDefaultDisplay public function Determines if this display is the 'default' display. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::isDefaultDisplay 1
DisplayPluginBase::isDefaulted public function Determines if an option is set to use the default or current display. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::isDefaulted
DisplayPluginBase::isEnabled public function Whether the display is enabled. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::isEnabled
DisplayPluginBase::isIdentifierUnique public function Checks if the provided identifier is unique. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::isIdentifierUnique
DisplayPluginBase::isMoreEnabled public function Whether the display is using the 'more' link or not. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::isMoreEnabled
DisplayPluginBase::isPagerEnabled public function Whether the display is using a pager or not. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::isPagerEnabled
DisplayPluginBase::mergeDefaults public function Merges default values for all plugin types. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::mergeDefaults
DisplayPluginBase::mergeHandler protected function Merges handlers default values.
DisplayPluginBase::mergePlugin protected function Merges plugins default values.
DisplayPluginBase::optionLink public function Returns a link to a section of a form. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::optionLink
DisplayPluginBase::optionsOverride public function If override/revert was clicked, perform the proper toggle. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::optionsOverride
DisplayPluginBase::outputIsEmpty public function Is the output of the view empty. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::outputIsEmpty
DisplayPluginBase::overrideOption public function Set an option and force it to be an override. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::overrideOption
DisplayPluginBase::preExecute public function Sets up any variables on the view prior to execution. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::preExecute
DisplayPluginBase::query public function Add anything to the query that we might need to. Overrides PluginBase::query 1
DisplayPluginBase::renderArea public function Renders one of the available areas. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::renderArea
DisplayPluginBase::renderFilters public function Does nothing (obsolete function). Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::renderFilters
DisplayPluginBase::renderMoreLink public function Renders the 'more' link. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::renderMoreLink
DisplayPluginBase::renderPager public function Checks to see if the display plugins support pager rendering. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::renderPager 1
DisplayPluginBase::setOption public function Sets an option, on this display or the default display. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::setOption
DisplayPluginBase::setOverride public function Flip the override setting for the given section. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::setOverride
DisplayPluginBase::trustedCallbacks public static function Lists the trusted callbacks provided by the implementing class. Overrides PluginBase::trustedCallbacks
DisplayPluginBase::useGroupBy public function Does the display have groupby enabled? Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::useGroupBy
DisplayPluginBase::useMoreAlways public function Should the enabled display more link be shown when no more items? Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::useMoreAlways
DisplayPluginBase::useMoreText public function Does the display have custom link text? Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::useMoreText
DisplayPluginBase::usesAJAX public function Whether the display allows the use of AJAX or not. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::usesAJAX 2
DisplayPluginBase::usesAreas public function Returns whether the display can use areas. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::usesAreas 2
DisplayPluginBase::usesAttachments public function Returns whether the display can use attachments. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::usesAttachments 6
DisplayPluginBase::usesExposed public function Determines if this display uses exposed filters. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::usesExposed 3
DisplayPluginBase::usesExposedFormInBlock public function Checks to see if the display can put the exposed form in a block. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::usesExposedFormInBlock 1
DisplayPluginBase::usesFields public function Determines if the display's style uses fields. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::usesFields
DisplayPluginBase::usesMore public function Whether the display allows the use of a 'more' link or not. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::usesMore 1
DisplayPluginBase::usesPager public function Whether the display allows the use of a pager or not. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::usesPager 4
DisplayPluginBase::viewExposedFormBlocks public function Renders the exposed form as block. Overrides DisplayPluginInterface::viewExposedFormBlocks
Feed::$ajaxEnabled protected property Whether the display allows the use of AJAX or not.
Feed::$renderer protected property The renderer. Overrides PluginBase::$renderer
Feed::$usesPager protected property Whether the display allows the use of a pager or not. Overrides DisplayPluginBase::$usesPager
Feed::attachTo public function Allows displays to attach to other views. Overrides DisplayPluginBase::attachTo
Feed::buildOptionsForm public function Provide a form to edit options for this plugin. Overrides PathPluginBase::buildOptionsForm
Feed::buildResponse public static function Builds up a response with the rendered view as content. Overrides ResponseDisplayPluginInterface::buildResponse
Feed::create public static function Creates an instance of the plugin. Overrides PathPluginBase::create
Feed::defaultableSections public function Lists the 'defaultable' sections and what items each section contains. Overrides DisplayPluginBase::defaultableSections
Feed::defineOptions protected function Overrides \Drupal\views\Plugin\views\display\DisplayPluginBase:defineOptions(). Overrides PathPluginBase::defineOptions
Feed::execute public function Executes the view and returns data in the format required. Overrides PathPluginBase::execute
Feed::getType public function Returns the display type that this display requires. Overrides DisplayPluginBase::getType
Feed::newDisplay public function Reacts on adding a display. Overrides DisplayPluginBase::newDisplay
Feed::optionsSummary public function Provides the default summary for options in the views UI. Overrides PathPluginBase::optionsSummary
Feed::preview public function Renders the display for the purposes of a live preview. Overrides DisplayPluginBase::preview
Feed::render public function Renders this display. Overrides DisplayPluginBase::render
Feed::submitOptionsForm public function Handle any special handling on the validate form. Overrides PathPluginBase::submitOptionsForm
Feed::usesLinkDisplay public function Checks to see if the display has some need to link to another display. Overrides DisplayPluginBase::usesLinkDisplay
Feed::__construct public function Constructs a PathPluginBase object. Overrides PathPluginBase::__construct
MessengerTrait::$messenger protected property The messenger. 27
MessengerTrait::messenger public function Gets the messenger. 27
MessengerTrait::setMessenger public function Sets the messenger.
PathPluginBase::$routeProvider protected property The route provider.
PathPluginBase::$state protected property The state key value store.
PathPluginBase::alterRoutes public function Alters a collection of routes and replaces definitions to the view. Overrides DisplayRouterInterface::alterRoutes
PathPluginBase::collectRoutes public function Adds the route entry of a view to the collection. Overrides DisplayRouterInterface::collectRoutes 1
PathPluginBase::getAlteredRouteNames public function Returns the list of routes overridden by Views. Overrides DisplayRouterInterface::getAlteredRouteNames
PathPluginBase::getMenuLinks public function Gets menu links, if this display provides some. Overrides DisplayMenuInterface::getMenuLinks
PathPluginBase::getPath public function Returns the base path to use for this display. Overrides DisplayPluginBase::getPath
PathPluginBase::getRoute protected function Generates a route entry for a given view and display. 1
PathPluginBase::getRouteName public function Returns the route name for the display. Overrides DisplayRouterInterface::getRouteName
PathPluginBase::getUrlInfo public function Generates a URL to this display. Overrides DisplayRouterInterface::getUrlInfo
PathPluginBase::hasPath public function Checks to see if the display has a 'path' field. Overrides DisplayPluginBase::hasPath
PathPluginBase::isDefaultTabPath protected function Determines if this display's path is a default tab.
PathPluginBase::overrideApplies protected function Determines whether the view overrides the given route. 1
PathPluginBase::overrideAppliesPathAndMethod protected function Determines whether an override for the path and method should happen.
PathPluginBase::remove public function Reacts on deleting a display. Overrides DisplayPluginBase::remove
PathPluginBase::validate public function Validate that the plugin is correct and can be saved. Overrides DisplayPluginBase::validate 1
PathPluginBase::validateOptionsForm public function Validate the options form. Overrides DisplayPluginBase::validateOptionsForm 1
PathPluginBase::validatePath protected function Validates the path of the display.
PluginBase::$configuration protected property Configuration information passed into the plugin. 1
PluginBase::$definition public property Plugins's definition.
PluginBase::$displayHandler public property The display object this plugin is for.
PluginBase::$options public property Options for this plugin will be held here.
PluginBase::$pluginDefinition protected property The plugin implementation definition. 1
PluginBase::$pluginId protected property The plugin_id.
PluginBase::DERIVATIVE_SEPARATOR constant A string which is used to separate base plugin IDs from the derivative ID.
PluginBase::doFilterByDefinedOptions protected function Do the work to filter out stored options depending on the defined options.
PluginBase::filterByDefinedOptions public function Filter out stored options depending on the defined options. Overrides ViewsPluginInterface::filterByDefinedOptions
PluginBase::getAvailableGlobalTokens public function Returns an array of available token replacements. Overrides ViewsPluginInterface::getAvailableGlobalTokens
PluginBase::getBaseId public function Gets the base_plugin_id of the plugin instance. Overrides DerivativeInspectionInterface::getBaseId
PluginBase::getDerivativeId public function Gets the derivative_id of the plugin instance. Overrides DerivativeInspectionInterface::getDerivativeId
PluginBase::getPluginDefinition public function Gets the definition of the plugin implementation. Overrides PluginInspectionInterface::getPluginDefinition 2
PluginBase::getPluginId public function Gets the plugin_id of the plugin instance. Overrides PluginInspectionInterface::getPluginId
PluginBase::getProvider public function Returns the plugin provider. Overrides ViewsPluginInterface::getProvider
PluginBase::getRenderer protected function Returns the render API renderer. 1
PluginBase::globalTokenForm public function Adds elements for available core tokens to a form. Overrides ViewsPluginInterface::globalTokenForm
PluginBase::globalTokenReplace public function Returns a string with any core tokens replaced. Overrides ViewsPluginInterface::globalTokenReplace
PluginBase::INCLUDE_ENTITY constant Include entity row languages when listing languages.
PluginBase::INCLUDE_NEGOTIATED constant Include negotiated languages when listing languages.
PluginBase::init public function Initialize the plugin. Overrides ViewsPluginInterface::init 6
PluginBase::isConfigurable public function Determines if the plugin is configurable.
PluginBase::listLanguages protected function Makes an array of languages, optionally including special languages.
PluginBase::pluginTitle public function Return the human readable name of the display. Overrides ViewsPluginInterface::pluginTitle
PluginBase::preRenderAddFieldsetMarkup public static function Moves form elements into fieldsets for presentation purposes. Overrides ViewsPluginInterface::preRenderAddFieldsetMarkup
PluginBase::preRenderFlattenData public static function Flattens the structure of form elements. Overrides ViewsPluginInterface::preRenderFlattenData
PluginBase::queryLanguageSubstitutions public static function Returns substitutions for Views queries for languages.
PluginBase::setOptionDefaults protected function Fills up the options of the plugin with defaults.
PluginBase::summaryTitle public function Returns the summary of the settings in the display. Overrides ViewsPluginInterface::summaryTitle 6
PluginBase::themeFunctions public function Provide a full list of possible theme templates used by this style. Overrides ViewsPluginInterface::themeFunctions 1
PluginBase::unpackOptions public function Unpack options over our existing defaults, drilling down into arrays so that defaults don't get totally blown away. Overrides ViewsPluginInterface::unpackOptions
PluginBase::usesOptions public function Returns the usesOptions property. Overrides ViewsPluginInterface::usesOptions 8
PluginBase::viewsTokenReplace protected function Replaces Views' tokens in a given string. The resulting string will be sanitized with Xss::filterAdmin. 1
PluginBase::VIEWS_QUERY_LANGUAGE_SITE_DEFAULT constant Query string to indicate the site default language.
PluginDependencyTrait::calculatePluginDependencies protected function Calculates and adds dependencies of a specific plugin instance. 1
PluginDependencyTrait::getPluginDependencies protected function Calculates and returns dependencies of a specific plugin instance.
PluginDependencyTrait::moduleHandler protected function Wraps the module handler. 1
PluginDependencyTrait::themeHandler protected function Wraps the theme handler. 1
StringTranslationTrait::$stringTranslation protected property The string translation service. 4
StringTranslationTrait::formatPlural protected function Formats a string containing a count of items.
StringTranslationTrait::getNumberOfPlurals protected function Returns the number of plurals supported by a given language.
StringTranslationTrait::getStringTranslation protected function Gets the string translation service.
StringTranslationTrait::setStringTranslation public function Sets the string translation service to use. 2
StringTranslationTrait::t protected function Translates a string to the current language or to a given language.
TrustedCallbackInterface::THROW_EXCEPTION constant Untrusted callbacks throw exceptions.
TrustedCallbackInterface::TRIGGER_SILENCED_DEPRECATION constant Untrusted callbacks trigger silenced E_USER_DEPRECATION errors.
TrustedCallbackInterface::TRIGGER_WARNING constant Untrusted callbacks trigger E_USER_WARNING errors.