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public function MenuTranslation::getIds in Drupal 10

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 9 core/modules/system/src/Plugin/migrate/source/d7/MenuTranslation.php \Drupal\system\Plugin\migrate\source\d7\MenuTranslation::getIds()

Defines the source fields uniquely identifying a source row.

None of these fields should contain a NULL value. If necessary, use prepareRow() or hook_migrate_prepare_row() to rewrite NULL values to appropriate empty values (such as '' or 0).

Return value

array[] An associative array of field definitions keyed by field ID. Values are associative arrays with a structure that contains the field type ('type' key). The other keys are the field storage settings as they are returned by FieldStorageDefinitionInterface::getSettings().


A composite source primary key that is defined by an integer and a string might look like this:

return [
  'id' => [
    'type' => 'integer',
    'unsigned' => FALSE,
    'size' => 'big',
  'version' => [
    'type' => 'string',
    'max_length' => 64,
    'is_ascii' => TRUE,

If 'type' points to a field plugin with multiple columns and needs to refer to a column different than 'value', the key of that column will be appended as a suffix to the plugin name, separated by dot ('.'). Example:

return [
  'format' => [
    'type' => 'text.format',

Additional custom keys/values that are not part of field storage definition can be added as shown below. The most common setting passed along to the ID definition is table 'alias', used by the SqlBase source plugin in order to distinguish between ambiguous column names - for example, when a SQL source query joins two tables with the same column names.

return [
  'nid' => [
    'type' => 'integer',
    'alias' => 'n',

Overrides Menu::getIds

See also







core/modules/system/src/Plugin/migrate/source/d7/MenuTranslation.php, line 80


Drupal 7 i18n menu translation source from database.




public function getIds() {
  $ids = parent::getIds();
  $ids['language']['type'] = 'string';
  $ids['language']['alias'] = 'lt';
  $ids['property']['type'] = 'string';
  return $ids;