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class ContextualLinksPlaceholder in Drupal 9

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  1. 8 core/modules/contextual/src/Element/ContextualLinksPlaceholder.php \Drupal\contextual\Element\ContextualLinksPlaceholder
  2. 10 core/modules/contextual/src/Element/ContextualLinksPlaceholder.php \Drupal\contextual\Element\ContextualLinksPlaceholder

Provides a contextual_links_placeholder element.

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2 #type uses of ContextualLinksPlaceholder
ContextualLinks::render in core/modules/contextual/src/Plugin/views/field/ContextualLinks.php
Overrides \Drupal\views\Plugin\views\field\FieldPluginBase::render().
contextual_preprocess in core/modules/contextual/contextual.module
Implements hook_preprocess().


core/modules/contextual/src/Element/ContextualLinksPlaceholder.php, line 16


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class ContextualLinksPlaceholder extends RenderElement {

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function getInfo() {
    $class = static::class;
    return [
      '#pre_render' => [
      '#id' => NULL,

   * Pre-render callback: Renders a contextual links placeholder into #markup.
   * Renders an empty (hence invisible) placeholder div with a data-attribute
   * that contains an identifier ("contextual id"), which allows the JavaScript
   * of the drupal.contextual-links library to dynamically render contextual
   * links.
   * @param array $element
   *   A structured array with #id containing a "contextual id".
   * @return array
   *   The passed-in element with a contextual link placeholder in '#markup'.
   * @see _contextual_links_to_id()
  public static function preRenderPlaceholder(array $element) {
    $token = Crypt::hmacBase64($element['#id'], Settings::getHashSalt() . \Drupal::service('private_key')
    $attribute = new Attribute([
      'data-contextual-id' => $element['#id'],
      'data-contextual-token' => $token,
    $element['#markup'] = new FormattableMarkup('<div@attributes></div>', [
      '@attributes' => $attribute,
    return $element;



Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description Overrides
ContextualLinksPlaceholder::getInfo public function Returns the element properties for this element. Overrides ElementInterface::getInfo
ContextualLinksPlaceholder::preRenderPlaceholder public static function Pre-render callback: Renders a contextual links placeholder into #markup.
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DependencySerializationTrait::$_serviceIds protected property
DependencySerializationTrait::__sleep public function 2
DependencySerializationTrait::__wakeup public function 2
MessengerTrait::$messenger protected property The messenger. 27
MessengerTrait::messenger public function Gets the messenger. 27
MessengerTrait::setMessenger public function Sets the messenger.
PluginBase::$configuration protected property Configuration information passed into the plugin. 1
PluginBase::$pluginDefinition protected property The plugin implementation definition. 1
PluginBase::$pluginId protected property The plugin_id.
PluginBase::DERIVATIVE_SEPARATOR constant A string which is used to separate base plugin IDs from the derivative ID.
PluginBase::getBaseId public function Gets the base_plugin_id of the plugin instance. Overrides DerivativeInspectionInterface::getBaseId
PluginBase::getDerivativeId public function Gets the derivative_id of the plugin instance. Overrides DerivativeInspectionInterface::getDerivativeId
PluginBase::getPluginDefinition public function Gets the definition of the plugin implementation. Overrides PluginInspectionInterface::getPluginDefinition 2
PluginBase::getPluginId public function Gets the plugin_id of the plugin instance. Overrides PluginInspectionInterface::getPluginId
PluginBase::isConfigurable public function Determines if the plugin is configurable.
PluginBase::__construct public function Constructs a \Drupal\Component\Plugin\PluginBase object. 98
RenderElement::preRenderAjaxForm public static function Adds Ajax information about an element to communicate with JavaScript.
RenderElement::preRenderGroup public static function Adds members of this group as actual elements for rendering.
RenderElement::processAjaxForm public static function Form element processing handler for the #ajax form property. 1
RenderElement::processGroup public static function Arranges elements into groups.
RenderElement::setAttributes public static function Sets a form element's class attribute. Overrides ElementInterface::setAttributes
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StringTranslationTrait::getNumberOfPlurals protected function Returns the number of plurals supported by a given language.
StringTranslationTrait::getStringTranslation protected function Gets the string translation service.
StringTranslationTrait::setStringTranslation public function Sets the string translation service to use. 2
StringTranslationTrait::t protected function Translates a string to the current language or to a given language.