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Functions in Devel 8

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Namesort descending Location Description Direct uses Strings
dvm ./devel.module Wrapper for DevelDumperManager::message().
dvr ./devel.module Wrapper for DevelDumperManager::dumpOrExport().
hook_devel_dumper_info_alter ./devel.api.php Alter devel dumper information declared by other modules.
kint kint/kint.module Alias of Kint::dump(). 5
kint_lite kint/kint.module Alias of Kint::kintLite().
kint_require kint/kint.module Load the Kint class. 6
kint_trace kint/kint.module Alias of Kint::trace().
kpr ./devel.module Wrapper for DevelDumperManager::dumpOrExport(). 5 2
ksm kint/kint.module Prints passed argument(s) to the 'message' area of the page.
webprofiler_cache_flush webprofiler/webprofiler.module Implements hook_cache_flush().
webprofiler_requirements webprofiler/webprofiler.install Implements hook_requirements().
webprofiler_schema webprofiler/webprofiler.install Implements hook_schema().
webprofiler_theme webprofiler/webprofiler.module Implements hook_theme().
webprofiler_update_8001 webprofiler/webprofiler.install Add a status_code column to the webprofiler table.
_drush_devel_print_function drush/ Print the specified function, including any doxygen-style comments that come before it. 1
_drush_plugin_validate devel_generate/drush/ Helper function which returns an array with a plugin instance for a given id and the validated values ready to be used by the generate() function of the plugin. 5
_webprofiler_verify_library webprofiler/webprofiler.install Verify that the library files exist. 1


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