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Functions in Devel 7

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Namesort descending Location Description Direct uses Strings
devel_node_access_uninstall ./devel_node_access.install Implements hook_uninstall().
devel_node_access_user_ajax ./devel_node_access.module Page callback for node access by user block ajax. 3
devel_page_alter ./devel.module Implements hook_page_alter(). 2
devel_permission ./devel.module Implements hook_permission().
devel_phpinfo ./ Page callback: Returns the results from phpinfo(). 1
devel_print_object ./devel.module Displays an object or array. 1
devel_querylog_arguments ./ Page callback: Called by the AJAX link in query log. 1
devel_querylog_explain ./ Page callback: Called by the AJAX link in query log. 1
devel_query_debug_alter ./devel.module Implements hook_query_TAG_alter() for the devel tag.
devel_query_enabled ./devel.module Returns whether query logging is enabled. 2
devel_query_put_contents ./devel.module Writes the variables information to a file. 1
devel_query_summary ./devel.module Returns the query summary. 2
devel_query_table ./devel.module Shows all the queries for the page. 1
devel_rebuild_node_comment_statistics ./devel.module Regenerates the data in node_comment_statistics table.
devel_reinstall ./ Form constructor for reinstalling any module from a dropdown. 1
devel_reinstall_submit ./ Form submission callback for devel_reinstall().
devel_render ./devel.module Prints a renderable array element to the screen using kprint_r().
devel_render_object ./ Page callback: Prints the render structure of the current object. 1
devel_rules_action_info ./ Implements hook_rules_action_info().
devel_rules_debug_action ./ Rules action for debugging values. 1
devel_session ./ Page callback: Displays the session. 1
devel_set_handler ./devel.module Sets a new error handler or restores the prior one. 1
devel_set_message ./devel.module Sets a message.
devel_shutdown ./devel.module Runs on shutdown to clean up and display developer information. 1
devel_shutdown_memory ./devel.module Returns the rendered memory usage. 1
devel_shutdown_query ./devel.module Returns the rendered query log. 1
devel_shutdown_real ./devel.module Runs on shutdown to display developer information in the footer. 1
devel_shutdown_summary ./devel.module Returns the rendered shutdown summary. 1
devel_silent ./devel.module Checks whether Devel may be active. 5
devel_switch_user ./devel.module Switches to a different user. 1
devel_switch_user_form ./devel.module Provides the Switch user form. 1
devel_switch_user_form_submit ./devel.module Submit handler for the Switch user form.
devel_switch_user_form_validate ./devel.module Validate handler for the Switch user form.
devel_switch_user_list ./devel.module Provides the Switch user list. 1
devel_theme ./devel.module Implements hook_theme().
devel_theme_registry ./ Page callback: Rebuilds the theme registry. 1
devel_timer ./devel.module Displays page execution time at the bottom of the page. 1 4
devel_translated_menu_link_alter ./devel.module Implements hook_translated_menu_item_alter().
devel_uninstall ./devel.install Implements hook_uninstall().
devel_update_7000 ./devel.install Remove feature for storing queries.
devel_update_7001 ./devel.install Rebuild the menus since everything is defined by devel_menu().
devel_update_7002 ./devel.install Remove deprecated variables: dev_query, devel_code_coverage.
devel_update_7003 ./devel.install As per issue #813132: change to white for krumo.
devel_update_7004 ./devel.install Convert devel_error_handler variable to devel_error_handlers array.
devel_update_7005 ./devel.install Delete variable 'devel_form_weights'.
devel_update_7006 ./devel.install Change variable 'dev_mem' to 'devel_memory'.
devel_update_7007 ./devel.install Delete 'devel_xhprof_*' variables as they were removed from code.
devel_update_7008 ./devel.install Change variable "dev_timer" to "devel_timer".
devel_variable_edit ./ Form constructor for editing a variable. 1
devel_variable_edit_submit ./ Form submission handler for devel_variable_edit().


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