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function devel_generate_content_pre_node in Devel 6

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  1. 7 devel_generate/ \devel_generate_content_pre_node()

Pre-process the devel_generate_content_form request. This is needed so batch api can get the list of users once. This is used by both the batch and non-batch branches of the code.


$num: array of options obtained from devel_generate_content_form.

2 calls to devel_generate_content_pre_node()
devel_generate_batch_content_pre_node in ./
devel_generate_content in ./
The main API function for creating content.


./, line 445


function devel_generate_content_pre_node(&$results) {

  // Get user id.
  $users = devel_get_users();
  $users = array_merge($users, array(
  $results['users'] = $users;