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function devel_generate_operation in Devel 8

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 8.3 devel_generate/ \devel_generate_operation()
  2. 8.2 devel_generate/ \devel_generate_operation()
  3. 4.x devel_generate/ \devel_generate_operation()

Wrapping function for invoking the right method responsible for handle a given batch operation. Available for every DevelGeneratePlugin.

1 string reference to 'devel_generate_operation'
ContentDevelGenerate::generateBatchContent in devel_generate/src/Plugin/DevelGenerate/ContentDevelGenerate.php
Method responsible for creating content when the number of elements is greater than 50.


devel_generate/, line 8


function devel_generate_operation(Drupal\devel_generate\DevelGenerateBaseInterface $class, $method, $vars, &$context) {
  return $class
    ->{$method}($vars, $context);