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function devel_function_reference in Devel 6

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 5 devel.module \devel_function_reference()
  2. 7 \devel_function_reference()

Returns a list of all currently defined user functions in the current request lifecycle, with links their documentation.

1 string reference to 'devel_function_reference'
devel_menu in ./devel.module
Implementation of hook_menu().


./devel.module, line 996


function devel_function_reference() {
  $functions = get_defined_functions();
  $version = devel_get_core_version(VERSION);
  $ufunctions = $functions['user'];
  $api = variable_get('devel_api_url', '');
  foreach ($ufunctions as $function) {
    $links[] = l($function, "http://{$api}/api/function/{$function}/{$version}");
  return theme('item_list', $links);