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function crm_core_data_import_batch in CRM Core 7

Batch API item callback.

2 string references to 'crm_core_data_import_batch'
crm_core_data_import_dashboard_form_submit in modules/crm_core_data_import/
Submit handler for data import dashboard.
_crm_core_data_import_build_entity_operations in modules/crm_core_data_import/
Build operations for queue of import.


modules/crm_core_data_import/, line 165
Configuration pages for CRM Core Data Import.


function crm_core_data_import_batch($operation, $machine_name, $limit, $force, &$context) {
  module_load_include('inc', 'migrate_ui', 'migrate_ui.pages');
  migrate_ui_batch($operation, $machine_name, $limit, $force, $context);