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function theme_crm_core_contact_ui_add_list in CRM Core 7

Renders list of contact types available for contact creation.

4 theme calls to theme_crm_core_contact_ui_add_list()
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crm_core_contact_ui_add_page in modules/crm_core_contact_ui/
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modules/crm_core_contact_ui/theme/, line 11
Contains theme implementation.


function theme_crm_core_contact_ui_add_list($variables) {
  $content = $variables['content'];
  $output = '';
  if ($content) {
    $output .= '<dl>';
    foreach ($content as $item) {
      $output .= '<dt>' . l(t($item['title']), $item['href'], $item['localized_options']) . '</dt>';
      $output .= '<dd>' . t($item['description']) . '</dd>';
    $output .= '</dl>';
  return $output;