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function crm_core_contact_type_validate_unique in CRM Core 7

Checks to see if a given contact type already exists.


string $type: The string to match against existing types.

Return value

bool TRUE or FALSE indicating whether or not the contact type exists.

1 call to crm_core_contact_type_validate_unique()
crm_core_contact_type_form_validate in modules/crm_core_contact/
Validation callback.


modules/crm_core_contact/crm_core_contact.module, line 774
Provides default CRM Core Contact entities and the ability to create more.


function crm_core_contact_type_validate_unique($type) {

  // Look for a match of the type.
  $match_id = db_query('SELECT type FROM {crm_core_contact_type} WHERE type = :type', array(
    ':type' => $type,
  return !$match_id;