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function configuration_translatables_export in Configuration Management 7

Helper function to return an array of t()'d translatables strings. Useful for providing a separate array of translatables with your export so that string extractors like potx can detect them.

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./, line 397


function configuration_translatables_export($translatables, $indent = '') {
  $output = '';
  $translatables = array_filter(array_unique($translatables));
  if (!empty($translatables)) {
    $output .= "{$indent}// Translatables\n";
    $output .= "{$indent}// Included for use with string extractors like potx.\n";
    foreach ($translatables as $string) {
      $output .= "{$indent}t(" . configuration_var_export($string) . ");\n";
  return $output;