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function _commerce_file_translatables in Commerce File 7

Store various translatable strings for reuse

4 calls to _commerce_file_translatables()
commerce_file_entity_info in ./commerce_file.module
Implements hook_entity_info().
commerce_file_rules_action_info in ./
Implements hook_rules_action_info().
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Implements hook_rules_condition_info().
_commerce_file_translatables_tokenized in ./commerce_file.module
Tokenize the stored translated strings to be used in other t() calls


./commerce_file.module, line 546
Provides integration of file licenses with Commerce


function _commerce_file_translatables($key = NULL) {
  $trans =& drupal_static(__FUNCTION__);
  if (!isset($trans)) {
    $trans = array(
      'license_label' => t('Commerce File License'),
      'license_label_plural' => t('Commerce File Licenses'),
      'log_label' => t('Commerce File License Log'),
      'log_label_plural' => t('Commerce File License Logs'),
  if (isset($key)) {
    return $trans[$key];
  return $trans;