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function cms_content_sync_views_install in CMS Content Sync 2.1.x

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 8 modules/cms_content_sync_views/cms_content_sync_views.install \cms_content_sync_views_install()
  2. 2.0.x modules/cms_content_sync_views/cms_content_sync_views.install \cms_content_sync_views_install()

Implements hook_install().


modules/cms_content_sync_views/cms_content_sync_views.install, line 94
Install file for cms_content_sync_views.


function cms_content_sync_views_install() {

  // Set module weight higher then the cms_content_sync module to ensure
  // update hooks are triggered after it.
  module_set_weight('cms_content_sync_views', 100);

  // Cache rebuild is require, otherwise the module weight does not take effect.

  // Batch update status entities.