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function _backup_migrate_get_source_form_item_options in Backup and Migrate 7.3

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 8.3 includes/ \_backup_migrate_get_source_form_item_options()
  2. 6.3 includes/ \_backup_migrate_get_source_form_item_options()

Get the location options as an options array for a form item.

3 calls to _backup_migrate_get_source_form_item_options()
backup_migrate_ui_destination_restore_file_confirm in includes/
Ask confirmation for file restore.
backup_migrate_ui_manual_restore_form in ./backup_migrate.module
The restore/import upload form.
_backup_migrate_get_source_pulldown in includes/
Get pulldown to select existing source options.


includes/, line 144


function _backup_migrate_get_source_form_item_options() {
  $out = array();
  foreach (backup_migrate_get_sources() as $key => $location) {
    $out[$key] = $location
  return $out;